Leonard Zwelling

Let’s say you had a house. It’s a nice house. You worked hard to build and maintain it despite forces trying to evict you in your neighborhood.

Your neighbor on the left is trying to kill you and your family. Your neighbor on the right is also trying to kill you and in addition pays the families of people who successfully kill members of your family (see attached article).

You see the analogy.

What the world does not see is that Hamas, which runs Gaza and was elected by the Arabs of Gaza, is dedicated to the eradication of Israel and of Jews. The Palestinian Authority, that runs some of the West Bank (the house on the right) also hates Jews and rewards the families of those “martyrs” who were killed in the process of killing Jews. The world does not see it, but we Jews do.

South Africa (that must be a joke right) is accusing Israel at the International Court at the Hague of “genocide.” How can it be genocide when the Palestinians want to kill the Israelis and relieve them of their country? That’s genocide!

Let’s set the record straight.

Did Israel kill a lot of Arabs in the War for Independence in 1948? Yes. The land between “the river and the sea” was contested despite the UN’s agreeing to the partition of Palestine into Arab and Jewish areas. The Israelis won.

Did Israel kill a lot of Arabs in 1967 rather than fall victim to the impending attack from Jordan, Egypt, and Syria? Yes. This resulted in Israel gaining control over a huge land mass compared to what it had owned before 1967 including the West Bank, the Golan Heights, the Sinai Desert, and Gaza. Much of this land is still contested, but much is still in Israeli hands.

Did Israel kill a lot of Arabs in 1973 after Egypt and Syria attacked again? Yes. But Israel won again and this led to a peace treaty with Egypt and Egypt gaining back some of the Sinai.

Now, is Israel killing a lot of Arabs in Gaza after the October 7 attacks? Yes.

You may have picked up a pattern here.

The house that is Israel is surrounded by people wishing to kill Jews. They are dedicated to killing Jews. They get up in the morning ready to kill Jews. They brag to their relatives about killing Jews.

Given that, is there any wonder that the Israelis have to resort to killing Arabs?

Can this end?

It should have ended in 2000 when Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak offered Yasar Arafat 92% of the West Bank for a Palestinian state, but was rebuffed. Instead of peace, we got the Second Intifada. In 2005 Israel left Gaza, but in 2007 a group called Hamas gained control of Gaza and they only want to build tunnels and kill Jews, not build a prosperous enclave on the Mediterranean.

Again, the theme continues.

Israel will undoubtedly be condemned in the United Nations, the World Court, and in other arenas of liberal third world nonsense. In the end, if the Arabs want to stop dying at the hands of the Israelis, they might consider taking a deal and having leadership other than Hamas and the PA run their affairs.

For some reason, the Arabs in the houses to the left and right think this will end well for them by being obstinate, combative, and resolutely bellicose. Seventy-five years on, this strategy has not paid off for them. It won’t. The house in the middle is undivided.

And, it won’t be as long as the houses on the left and right want to eradicate the one in the middle.

Tough neighborhood.

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