I See No Difference

I See No Difference


Leonard Zwelling


Michael D. Shear’s front-page article from The New York Times on February 9 makes one thing very clear. There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between what President Biden did with classified documents after the end of his vice presidency and what Mr. Trump did with classified documents after his presidency. Biden had classified documents in his garage in Delaware. Trump had some in the bathroom in Mar-A-Lago. I fail to see the difference.

Both men sequestered documents that they shouldn’t have had in places where they shouldn’t be in violation of the law. Period. If one is guilty, they both are guilty. And both are guilty. Trump may also be guilty of obstruction and Biden is not, but they both had classified documents at home and shouldn’t have.

I see no reason that Robert K. Hur didn’t recommend prosecution of the current president. If Trump is indictable, so is Biden.

Can there be any doubt of the prejudice the Justice Department brought to the Biden case? I think not.

Let’s be clear. Neither of these guys is worthy of the trust of the American people when it comes to leading the country.

I don’t know what their motivations were for taking the documents, but at least in Trump’s case, he remembers when he was president. It appears that Biden cannot remember critical dates in his personal or political life. He is not qualified for service and probably should resign now. It is an unmistakable sign of his failing mental capacity that he does not see this fact. It is, in fact, sad. Rather than be in the White House, Mr. Biden should be kept at home in Delaware and Mr. Trump is a danger to himself and others as was proven on January 6.

I do not know the mechanism by which the people can eliminate both of these men from the ballot this fall other than pray that Nikki can somehow displace The Donald. Frankly, I don’t see it happening.

The United States of America is stuck choosing between two men who have outlived their “sell by” date.

Most Americans are fully aware of these facts. A significant number of our fellow citizens want to overlook the shortcomings of Mr. Trump because they think that his bluster will translate into success for the country. Did it last time? In some cases, as was true of the early Biden years. But neither is ready for prime time any more. Both need to declare victory and go home.

As for Biden, his current performance is so dismal that someone ought to lead him off stage before he trips over the steps. Ten months of Kamala may be better than this.

In my life time, I do not recall a worse choice for president than the one facing the country in November. They both need to suspend their campaigns and step aside. As if…

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  1. I understand your frustration, and embarrassment that many Americans share as they look at both Biden and Trump. But unless something changes, we will have to choose one of them to lead us. A choice between Demented Democracy and Audacious Autocracy.

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