Donald Trump: Prosecuted And Persecuted

Donald Trump: Prosecuted and Persecuted?


Leonard Zwelling

Readers of the blog know that I do not like Mr. Trump at all. I find his personality off-putting, his bluster childlike, and his entire demeanor more in line with that of a Mafia don than that of a presidential candidate.

I also do not like his policies. I think his idea of foreign of affairs is foreign to me. The NATO alliance is a critical bulwark against Russian aggression. Anything that undermines NATO gives succor to Mr. Putin. Trump’s comments about egging Russia on in an invasion of an underpaying NATO nation is simply intolerable. I think the last thing rich people need is a tax cut. I also think that a wall is not an answer to immigration. Sound policy is, but with this Congress, no president could get a bill through.

I wanted to clearly state why I dislike Mr. Trump because I am about to come to his defense.

Some of the law suits and indictments of the former president are probably out of bounds.

The Stormy Daniels case is a big nothing. If Trump wants to pay off a porn star to keep her mouth shut about an affair they had, do I really care where the money came from? I do not.

In Georgia I thought the case against Mr. Trump for election interference was a strong one, but the use of RICO statutes a bit risky. Well, that case blew up thanks to some terrible judgment on the part of the district attorney about her personal and professional life.

Who knew that the district attorney would be so inept as to hire her boyfriend and pay him over half a million dollars in a job for which he seems to have had few qualifications? I can’t believe the melodrama playing out in a judge’s hearing. Fani Willis needs to be removed from the case for having miserable common sense (it’s so uncommon) and if the case falls apart, well whose fault was that?

The Washington, DC case about January 6 and Trump’s role in the mayhem needs to get started already. The Supremes need to not take the appeal that they agree that Mr. Trump cannot be prosecuted, allow the Appeals Court unanimous verdict to stand that Mr. Trump can be prosecuted, and allow Jack Smith to take the case to trial. This is not persecution. This is a valid prosecution.

Finally, there’s the documents case in Florida or wherever it is to be tried. As I recently noted, if you’re going to try Trump for this, you have to try Biden, too.

I am no fan of Donald Trump, but the case decided by a judge in New York against him, his family, and his firm is probably penalizing him for doing what every real estate guy in Manhattan does when overvaluing their properties to get loans and under valuing them for tax purposes. If Mr. Trump had stayed out of politics, I doubt he would have been prosecuted in this case.

I believe Donald Trump has done some awful things.

He probably really did break the law in Georgia when trying to manipulate the election results, but got lucky there when he drew an incompetent DA.

He probably broke the law in the documents case, but if he did, so did Biden. Convict both or neither.

January 6 was dealt with by the impeachment process as it should have been. That Trump escaped does not mean he ought to be retried, but since the Constitution does not prohibit his being tried, let’s get going.

He probably broke many financial laws. My guess is that every big shot realtor in New York does the same.

Do I think Donald Trump is an awful person who has done illegal things? I do.

Do I think that if he had stayed Donald Trump TV game show host any of this trial stuff would have transpired? I do not.

The moral of the story is that once you make yourself a big target, don’t be surprised if people start shooting.

Donald Trump is a cry baby and Joe Biden is old. I say try them both for incompetence and a paucity of Betz cells and get on to someone else.

4 thoughts on “Donald Trump: Prosecuted And Persecuted”

  1. Len,
    Your analysis of Mr. Trump is spot on. Your points are well taken . I believe , like you, he is a despicable human being who is guilty of security documents ny illegal acts and if re-elected will make our country the laughing stock of the world. The documents housed by both Trump and Biden would be enough to disqualify them both from running for office ( what a bonus that would be for all voters) but the January 6th events are what separates these men apart and the trial to get him convicted should be expedited prior to the election. For all those who have not read Liz Cheeney’s book “Oath and Honor” I implore you to read it soon as it was a fine piece of literary investigation that clearly finds Trump guilty of insurrection and for that he should be disqualified from running. So let’s get the trial going and start the nomination process over again with 2 different and younger candidates!

  2. Trump deserves to be punished for his malfeasance, the insurrection, rape, and other fraud.. George Washington would have hanged him a long time ago as a traitor..
    Despite his crimes, incompetent leadership, and autocratic values, he is likely to be the GOP candidate. Nikki Haley would be a refreshing GOP leader and likely to beat Biden. We are voting for Haley tomorrow in the open South Carolina primary.
    Unless something catastrophic happens, Biden will be on the ballot again, too. He is NOT as incapacitated as perceived. His Cabinet and advisors are extraordinary and keeping the nation on a steady course. He could slump into a coma tonight, and the nation would continue on a steady course.
    The GOP are hampering the war in Ukraine, unhelpful with Gaza, and denying Biden a tough immigrant policy (their own GOP plan) that Biden would initiate. Biden will still have my vote although I agree that we would ALL love better, younger candidates on both sides.

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