Why The Notorious RBG Was Correct About The Donald And Even More Correct To Say Something

Why The Notorious RBG Was
Correct About The Donald And Even More Correct To Say Something


Leonard Zwelling


         Even the NY Times
took the Associate Justice to task. There is widespread objection to the
criticisms Ruth Bader Ginsburg heaped on the presumptive GOP Presidential nominee
Donald Trump, aka The Donald. (Sounds to me like there ought to be a poetry
slam to determine the winner between Notorious RBG and The Donald given that
wrestling is out of the question).

         It is being said, and now even agreed to by the Associate
Justice herself, that her critique of a nominee of a major political party
ought to be out of bounds to a sitting Supreme Court Justice. I disagree.


         Here’s why.

         Despite my contempt for Mrs. Clinton and the way she ran her
life when she was Secretary of State, let alone First Lady, she is not a danger
to this country should she ascend to the Oval Office. Mr. Trump is.

         Mrs. Clinton lies. Mrs. Clinton acts like a prima donna.
Mrs. Clinton doesn’t believe that the rules that govern you and me govern her.
All true. But she isn’t stupid. If Mr. Trump is not stupid, he hides it well by
saying stupid things about Mexicans, women, and Muslims and putting his name on
ads that are frankly anti-Semitic.

         Mr. Trump is a danger to this nation and that one of the
sitting members of the Supreme Court who is over 80 and has seen a few things
in her life should choose to remind her countrymen that the most serious
threats to their freedom are those coming from within is no sin. And if it
isn’t politically correct well who would support that action more than Mr.
Trump himself, the “King of Political Incorrectness?”

         The Times and Washington Post are wrong. There is
nothing amiss with the Associate Justice’s calling them the way she sees them.
First off, there is nothing that precludes her doing so in law or in the
Constitution. Second, she was appointed by Bill Clinton. It is logical to
assume that she would be a far bigger supporter of Mrs. Clinton than of Mr.
Trump and her voting record on the Court is a giveaway. But mostly, Justice
Ginsburg is a product of New York City where the motto in the subway is “if you
see something, say something.” So she did.

         Donald Trump has absolutely no qualifications to be
President of the US and his own party knows it. That they are willing to pander
to what is essentially nonsense in his nomination simply because he defeated 16
other “lesser thans” does not commit RBG to silence. She’s just telling it like
it is and her position and the respect she commands is what is really setting
people on edge about her statement.


         I have no idea whether or not The Notorious RBG is getting
too old for her job. It’s hers for as long as she likes it or until she is
impeached and removed by the Congress. Short of that, she’s got the job and
that she decides to speak out once in 30 years when she is outraged by the
behavior of a man who could be her boss, she chose action rather than silence.

I can say is good for her. And us.

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