The Debate: A Post-Mortem

The Debate: A Post-Mortem


Leonard Zwelling

         Nothing lengthy as the rest of the press will fill the air
with its opinion of what happened.

         Here’s my take written before listening to the talking heads
at 10:15 PM CDT:

1. It was a lot more erudite than I had imagined it would

2. The questions were superb and the moderators did a
very professional job of keeping things on track and moving along. So did the

3. Big winners: Ben Carson and John Kasich

4. Big losers: Donald Trump who looked amateurish and
Marco Rubio who looked too young to be there.

5. Secondary gain: Carly Fiorina in JV contest as she was
adept at running for Vice Presidency and I think may well have sealed the deal
if the GOP wants to put a woman a heart beat away from the Oval Office which I
believe to be a good idea.

6. Biggest winner: America. You want a choice? You got it!

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