EXTRA: Just In Case You Missed It

Daughter-in-law Amanda Cochran and son Richard were able to video my presentation at Murry and Karen Penner’s home on July 29.

This was my first ever book signing and reading.

If you are curious about what went on that evening, here you go.

First bit is a short presentation on the ACA, which is the basis for my book, Red Kool Aid Blue Kool-Aid:  How Partisan Politics and Greed Undermined the Value of ObamaCare

Then I read a very short bit and answer some questions. The reading puts the book in context and answers the question, what the heck is an academic physician doing on Capitol Hill anyway?

I hope you like it. I hope that we can have a few more.

RED KOOL-AID BLUE KOOL-AID Book Discussion (Part 1)

RED KOOL-AID BLUE KOOL-AID Book Discussion (Part 2)

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