What If October 7 Started In Cuba?

What If October 7 Started In Cuba?


Leonard Zwelling

A hypothetical.

On October 7, 2023, 100,000 Cuban troops invaded the southern tip of Florida at Miami Beach, killed some 55,000 Americans and took another few thousand hostages back on the invasion boats to Cuba.

What would the American government have done?


The American military would have started with air strikes all over Cuba followed by a sea invasion and the landing of the Marines. They would depose the current Cuban government and killed as many Cubans as was necessary to accomplish the mission of freeing the American hostages and avenging the 55,000 deaths on the mainland. That’s about the number of Americans killed in Vietnam.

In proportional terms, that is exactly what Israel is doing in Gaza to Hamas.

There can be no compromise on the return of all abducted hostages (or their bodies) and the eradication of Hamas. That the rest of the world doesn’t get it, is of no concern to the Israeli government.

If there was to be a cease fire with Cuba in our hypothetical case, would America be releasing Cuban prisoners at ten times the rate of the returning hostages? No, but Israel may be close to doing just that to get their hostages back.

Would America allow the government that invaded Miami Beach to stay in power in Havana? No. Israel has made it clear that Gaza will not be governed by Hamas again.

Would the United States care if the United Nations and the rest of the bleeding hearted west and third world apologists demanded a cease fire? The United States would not and Israel shouldn’t either.

And where is the concern of the third world for the people of Ukraine under assault by the allies of those third world countries in Moscow? Where is the outcry for those starving and kidnapped by the Russians?

This is the nonsense of governments trying to curry favor with the liberal left that views Israel as an occupying power. Israel is not an occupying power. It is the victor after many years of war despite the best efforts of the UN to divide up British Palestine in 1948. That didn’t work and since, the Palestinians have not missed an opportunity to miss an opportunity at having their own state.

The current leadership of the Palestinian people want Jewish blood and Israeli land. They cannot have it. As this blog has written many times, the United States is not giving back South Dakota to the Sioux.

In the life of nations, there are winners and losers when war is involved. If the Palestinian people really want their own state, they might consider choosing leaders who represent their best interests and not leaders of organizations that build bombs and tunnels. October 7 was an act of war. Israel is just responding in kind until Hamas is gone.

Israel is in an untenable position. They cannot give in to Hamas and will not budge until the hostages are returned.

It is what we in the US would do under similar circumstances if Cuba invaded Florida. We can ask no more of the Israelis than we would ask of ourselves.

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