Leonard Zwelling

Naftali Bennett was Israel’s prime minister from 2021-2022. He has written an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal that echoes the sentiments of this blog with regard to the mission of Israel and the United States vis a vis the latest fighting in the Middle East. In short, the enemy is not Hamas, Hezbollah, or the Houthis. It is the bank of these terrorists—Iran. It is a waste of time and resources for Israel and the United States to wage war against these proxies other than in defense.

Let’s start with what Bennett told his security chiefs upon taking office. That would be the heads of the Israel Defense Force, Mossad (the Israeli CIA), and Shin Bet (the Israeli FBI). “Avoid if reasonably possible local clashes with Hezbollah and Hamas. Rather, Israel’s national-security resources must be focused on weakening our primary enemy-Iran.” Exactly.

Bennett then goes on to list how he might do that: “empower domestic opposition, ensure internet continuity during riots against the regime, strengthening its enemies, increase sanctions and economic pressures.” Wow! A real plan. That is in stark contrast with the Netanyahu government which seems to have no plan, roared into Gaza to do who knows what, and then had no idea what happens on the day after the day after tomorrow?

What did Bennett do?

“I made another decision regarding Iran. I directed Israel’s security forces to make Tehran pay for its decision to sponsor terror. Enough impunity. After Iran launched two failed UAV (unarmed aerial vehicle) attacks on Israel in February 2022 Israel destroyed a UAV base on Iranian soil.”

This is leadership and this is focusing on the real problem.

This blog has been advocating for both Israel and the United States to openly identify Iran as the primary problem in the region and act accordingly. Stop the nonsense strikes on the Iranian surrogates and go after Iran. If Iran does not stop sponsoring terror like October 7 and continues to plague American and Israeli interests in the region including shipping, bomb the Iranian oil fields.

The prime minister of Israel must be in a position to guide his or her county’s forces toward the real target of mischief in the region. That is not Hamas, Hezbollah, or Houthis. That is Iran. The sooner the real enemy is identified on the world stage and a plan is implemented to eliminate the ayatollahs in their quest to radicalize the entire Middle East, the sooner Israelis and Palestinians can live in peace.

Right now, it appears that Mr. Netanyahu is extending the war because as long as Israel is at war, he is in power and not in jail. Mr. Bennett, Mr. Ganz, or Mr. Lapid or others need to get back into power in Israel as soon as possible so that Israel can focus on external security and internal prosperity again. A coalition government that includes an Israeli Arab representative would be a great next step.

Going after pests belittles Israel. Israel and the United States need to refocus on the real problem. That is Iran.






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