Elise Stefanik–The Next Vice Pressident Of The United States

Elise Stefanik—The Next Vice President Of The United States?


Leonard Zwelling


This is the link to her resume. It’s impressive. She is the youngest woman to have been elected to Congress and the youngest in a leadership position. She is an out-spoken supporter of President Trump and is a firebrand on national television as she demonstrated on Meet the Press on Sunday, January 7 when answering Kristen Welker’s questions in a blaze of campaign rhetoric against President Biden and for President Trump. She is already running for national office. That’s clear. Mr. Trump would be hard pressed to find a better advocate or more devoted and well-spoken follower. She is tough.

Then she really stepped it up a notch when she questioned the three presidents of MIT, Penn, and Harvard and made them look like antisemitic idiots when they testified to her asking about whether calls for Jewish genocide violated policies at the colleges and the three presidents basically answered, it depends on context. No, it doesn’t. Two of those presidents have since resigned. Congresswoman Stefanik takes heads.

It will be among my greatest pleasures to watch Ms. Stefanik debate Vice President Harris and make her look like a woke wonk as well over border policy, DEI, and disastrous decisions in the foreign policy arena by the Biden Administration. Hell, the Secretary of Defense feels it is OK to disappear into the ICU at Walter Reed and not tell anyone including his second in command or his boss. What’s that about? He needs to resign now.

Here’s where my conservative friends question my sanity in voting for Joe and Kamala. I get it. They are two inept leaders. I just fear Donald Trump’s drive for power and his lust for revenge and the weakening of the executive branch of government at a time when Congress is so dysfunctional and the Supreme Court so corrupt.

Ms. Stefanik will no doubt be compared to Sarah Palin should Mr. Trump pick her as his running mate, but she is way smarter, way more educated, and way more TV ready than the former governor of Alaska ever was. She’s ready for prime-time. Even though I do not share many of her political views, I can respect how articulate she is, how forceful she is, and how effective she might be on the campaign trail.

You heard it here first. Congresswoman Elise Stefanik, Harvard grad and five-term member of Congress will be the next Vice President of the United States and may well rise to the Oval Office should Trump become incapacitated which is not at all unlikely.

Should the match-up in the fall be between Biden-Harris and Trump-Stefanik, it may go down in history as the race between the worst collection of people the nation has ever seen. And that says something.

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