War With Iran Has Become Inevitable

War With Iran Has Become Inevitable


Leonard Zwelling

There’s a lot written and even more discussed about the series of events transpiring in the Middle East at the current time.

Obviously, there is the Israeli response to the genocidal Hamas attack of October 7. The attack caused the death of about 1200 Israelis, but countless more Palestinians died in Israel’s response. That attack on the south of Israel led to the deaths of far more Palestinians than Israelis, so how has Hamas helped the Palestinians?Furthermore, there is the matter of well over half of the hostages of October 7 still not being returned. This has all left Israel with little choice but to pursue the annihilation of Hamas by any means necessary. But even should they be successful, the Israelis still face the wrath of Iran.

Hezbollah has not been silent, but probably is showing restraint in order to prevent the Israelis from doing to them in Lebanon what the Israelis are going to do to Hamas in Gaza. We shall see how long Hezbollah’s handlers allow this to go on.

Now there have been 75 attacks on US military personnel in the Gulf (Iraq and Syria) by Iran-backed forces.

The Iran-backed Houthi military in Yemen is shooting drones and missiles at US war ships in the Red Sea as well as targeting commercial vessels even boarding one from Israel.

The US Response to all of this has been meager at best. It seems that the Biden Administration will do anything to stay out of a shooting war with Iran, the sponsor of all of this mischief. Too bad. Every day the US refuses to admit to the fact that Iran has declared war on the west is another day for Iran to advance its nuclear program, surely with Russian and/or Chinese help.

It is as inevitable as it was in 1941 that the United States will be drawn into a war for the survival of western civilization. Then it was against the forces of Naziism. Later, during the Cold War, we almost came to blows with the Soviet Union over their deploying nuclear-armed missiles in Cuba. President Kennedy’s very skilled moves prevented a global catastrophe.

We are back there again. It is not the forces of fascism or communism this time. It is the forces of radical Islamism that seeks to eradicated the west, and in this case, kill all the Jews and wipe Israel off the map.

Like it or not, America is already in the fight.

It seems to me that a limited strike against the Irani oil fields now will preclude a global war that includes the Russians and Chinese later. Furthermore, the ambitions of Iranian hegemony are mirrored by those of Russia in Ukraine and China in Taiwan.

Mr. Biden, get over yourself. This cannot end well. It’s pay me now or pay me later and the price might be lower now if in restraining Iran’s adventurism you prevent further encounters with Russia and China. Furthermore, the US must escalate its military build-up, especially the navy if we are to be taken seriously.

There is no way to avoid a fight with a taunting bully even if that bully uses surrogates to do his taunting. The mullahs in Iran will never be happy with anything less than world domination. The only force for good in this face-off is the United States. It is likely that a major war cannot be avoided.

If we take up that war in Yemen or Gaza or the West Bank or even in Syria, we are wasting our time. That will just be another Vietnam, Afghanistan, or Iraq. The enemy is in Tehran. We can fight him there or fight him in New York. It’s up to Mr. Biden.

It is a very dangerous world with a lot of bad people leading nations full of the suffering. If Mr. Biden really stands for freedom and believes his “God bless our troops” that he ends all his speeches with, perhaps he should consider what his number one job is—keeping us safe. As long as the forces of Islamic fundamentalism rule a country the size of Iran and control various armed militias throughout the region, we will be in danger.

October 7 was a warning. Wake up, Sleepy Joe. You say you want to lead. Please do so.

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