Election 2024: First Word

Election 2024: First Word


Leonard Zwelling

It is obvious that the old people don’t know when to quit. Along with Biden, McConnell, Feinstein, and Trump, now 83-year-old Nancy Pelosi is running again. This is just silly. All of these people need to step aside and let the young folks have a chance. This is redundant. I said all this already. Pelosi made it necessary to complain a bit more. Romney gives me hope.

No, what I want to focus on today is the reactions that I keep getting from a group of blog readers who insist I have Donald Trump all wrong and that the American people really want him back in the White House.

No, they don’t. They don’t want Joe Biden there either, but let me parse this out a bit.

The problem with Biden winning another term is that he would be 86-years old if and when he’s done. As we have seen (see above), this is simply too old. He is frail now and we really cannot afford a President Kamala Harris if Biden should die or be incapacitated. If Biden would dump her for a better running mate, I’d be less concerned. Apparently, he’s not going to do that and the Biden-Harris ticket will be forced down the throats of all the Democrats and a fair number of independents. This is terrible.

On the other side, of course, is President Trump who is trying to regain what he believes his rightful place is leading the country. My readers insist that his policies were better than Biden’s and that he would be good for the economy. I actually doubt it. Trump has no plans of which I am aware to turn around inflation. While I loved that he moved the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, he has no plan of which I am aware to advance the peace process. He cottons up to Putin and has no real strategy to combat Xi. I fear Trump will get us into a shooting war with someone or worse, stand idly by as Communist China captures Taiwan and Russia outlasts Ukraine, while Iran acquires nuclear weapons. What’s Trump’s plan to stop all of this? I have no idea. All I hear from him is “witch hunt.”

You see the 2024 election ought to be a contest about ideas on how to advance American interests at home and abroad. I hear nothing of use from Biden or Trump and the eleven dwarfs running to oust Trump are totally ineffective.

So, readers, it is not that I hate Donald Trump or have Trump Derangement Syndrome. I have Biden Derangement Syndrome, too. My forecast for 2024 thus far is a singular lack of ideas and a contest of mediocrity on the policy level. Forget about the personalities. Does either Biden or Trump excite you with their plans? Me, neither.

We need other choices and we need them soon.

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2 thoughts on “Election 2024: First Word”

  1. What excites me about a Democratic president, Biden or whomever, is that the current Democratic Cabinet and those who staff the National Security Counsel are experienced and achieving important domestic and international change. What so many DO NOT REALIZE, it is NOT really the President who determines the direction of our country but the staff around them. I learned this from my college classmate, Robert Bell, who served on the National Security counsel during the Clinton Administration.
    Trump has a bush-league Cabinet and never really achieved much other than shifting billions of dollars to rich Americans and other countries, like Russia and Saudi Arabia. Trump recently cannot even remember that the President is currently Biden (NOT Obama) and said this weekend that he was concerned about going into World War II! His mind is eroding, too.
    Thus, I agree: let’s get some younger talent leading us!

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