These Guys Are Either Too Old Or Too Dumb To Be President

These Guys Are Either Too Old Or Too Dumb To Be President


Leonard Zwelling

It is really amusing to see President Biden squirm now that it has been found that he did the very thing for which he was so quick to call out Mr. Trump during a 60 Minutes interview. Both of these power-hungry men managed to secret away classified documents in places where they never should have been—namely, their residencies. In the case of Mr. Trump, there was estimated to be about 100 documents at Mar-A-Lago. In the case of Mr. Biden, it appears that his Delaware house ate a lot of his homework and his lawyers and the Department of Justice keep finding more.

MSNBC is bending over backwards to distinguish between the Trump infractions and those of Mr. Biden. Sure, there are differences, but the Attorney General was absolutely right to appoint a special counsel in BOTH cases, because if you are so dense that you are willing to read top secret documents in your own home armchair, whether that chair be in Florida or Delaware, you are too dumb to be President of the United States. The moment either man had a top-secret document in his hand and his tush was not in the Oval Office, he should have sounded the alarm. In fact, with Mr. Trump he may well have been too inexperienced to realize what he was doing. But that won’t fly in Mr. Biden’s case who has been in government for fifty years.

Now I am sure that in the Trump case, he really wanted to control those documents and did not want the National Archives to have them. He was evasive and surely obstructed justice by moving them all to Mar-A-Lago despite the authorities calling for them.

However, Mr. Biden has years of government experience and surely knew that such documents should not be either in his private office after leaving the vice presidency or in his house in Delaware. The only way I give him a pass is if he truly never even saw the documents in these places and that I would find very hard to believe. Do I think that the current White House will try to hang some staffer out to dry about this? I do. Furthermore, is there any excuse for keeping the discovery of these documents secret from the American people for two months when they were found just before the mid-terms? No, there is not.

In essence, neither of these men can ask for the trust of the American people any longer for neither can keep the most critical secrets of the government safe.

As far as I am concerned, this does it with regard to the fitness of either of these men for further service. If the Congress wishes to impeach Biden over this, I am fine with that. He endangered the security of the nation. That’s a high crime and misdemeanor.

As for Trump, he too should drop out of the race for the White House in 2024. Both of these guys are too old for the job and neither really has a good idea for where we are going next. Biden has gotten some things through Congress although you are going to have to convince me that his Covid aid package wasn’t the primary stimulus to our current inflationary woes.

When we pick leaders for anything, we are taking a chance. My view on the UT Board of Regents’ ability to pick presidents for MD Anderson has been stated many times. It’s poor. Now it seems the American people are slipping, primarily because the choices of the two major parties are so wanting.

If Mr. Trump and Mr. Biden want to serve their country with one last action, each should declare himself not a candidate for the presidency in 2024 and give others a chance to ramp up their campaigns as Governor DeSantis is already doing.

There can be absolutely no excuse whether “my staff did it” or the “Corvette ate my homework.” If they read the documents at their homes, they are guilty. And if they didn’t read them, what were the papers doing there?

To be honest, I am an old person (74), but not as old as these two. I am not what I was twenty years ago on the physical or even mental level. My cognitive abilities seem intact, but I’m not ready for another round of It’s Academic like I was in 1966.

It’s time for these two to step aside and the documents scandals lock these facts in. Either they cannot lead, they cannot manage, or they cannot think. Regardless, move along.

2 thoughts on “These Guys Are Either Too Old Or Too Dumb To Be President”

  1. The Corvette ate my homework. Gold.

    I agree with your overall point, that it’s time for both of these guys to step aside. I’m a lifelong Republican (begrudgingly) and would have gladly voted Democrat if Tulsi Gabbard had been the candidate. But alas, even the Dems defaulted to the old white dude. And while I don’t detest Trump like much of the country, I’ve heard enough of his nonsense to last a lifetime.

    However, I do cut a little slack on the whole document deal. I tend to agree with an editorial I read somewhere, probably the Wall Street Journal, that said the problem isn’t that there was nefarious intent on either man’s part, but rather just how much is classified top secret. The likelihood that either guy had active nuclear codes stored at home was slim. Ignorance of the law is no excuse, of course, but I’m not seeking treason charges against either.

    On the plus side, both men are now acutely aware of what everyday people face: The law is so voluminous and nuanced that even the most (seemingly) innocent of acts can be a crime.

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