Crisis At A & M?


EXTRA: Crisis At A & M?


Leonard Zwelling

Apparently, there’s a problem familiar to MD Anderson faculty developing at Texas A & M. This report in today’s Houston Chronicle suggests a lack of transparency on the part of the leadership of that institution and a breakdown in shared governance between the president and the Faculty Senate.

I personally found this article a little opaque myself as it did not enumerate what the major grievances are, but did list a few issues that would have no bearing on MD Anderson—yet.

Please take a look and see what you think. To my reading this is just a symptom of a lack of trust between the faculty and the president of the university rather than really being about specific issues, but I could be wrong.

For sure, there’s a communications breakdown. Sound familiar?

This article in The Texas Tribune has a better description of the issues that separate the Faculty Senate and the president, but this looks to be less about issues than it does about process. The Faculty Senate at MD Anderson should take note, as should every MD Anderson faculty member.

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