Why Trump Voters Ought To Be Looking For Another Choice

Why Trump Voters Ought To Be Looking For Another Choice


Leonard Zwelling


If nothing else has shaken you Trump voters from your insane belief that there is anything good to be said about Donald Trump, this should do it. Trump was actively working to reverse the results of a legitimate election right up to his last days in office. And he was trying to use the Department of Justice to do it. Now I know most of you who voted for Trump did so because you hate the Democrats and you want to protect your pocketbook, but please consider the fact that Mr. Trump tried on nine separate occasions to get the election tossed out by using the power of the federal government. That, my friends, is a true insurrection. In fact, it’s treason.

What is apparent even as I try to understand how any thinking person can support a man so ethically diminished and personally unsuccessful without his daddy, is that people will vote for anyone given the chance to improve their lot at the cost of others.

I know, I know, I am a socialist! No, I am not. I object to Mr. Biden’s Build Back Better nonsense on several levels. First, each aspect of his massive expansion of social programs is worthy of a bill of its own with hearings and debates. As my late, great boss Mike Enzi would have said, we need regular order and regular order is far more time consuming than a quick up or down vote on $3.5 trillion. Second, I am not at all sure that Joe Manchin is wrong. I don’t think we should accept at face value that we need to spend quite this much. Spending should be limited to those programs that both meet a need and do so by eliminating long term expenses like universal pre-K would, not necessarily paying for hearing aids for the elderly. One of these will probably improve the education of the next generation. The other will not. Third, there is a perfectly good piece of bi-partisan legislation to improve our roads and bridges that is being held hostage by the liberal Democrats until they get what they want. Surprise! You don’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need.

Now, there are a host of very good Republican candidates waiting in the wings to run for President. Give them a chance. Pick one and back him or her, but leave Trump by the wayside. He’s probably a criminal, certainly a misogynist, definitely a liar, and most assuredly untethered from reality. If you conservatives want to win again, I’m fine with that, but please pick someone whose first strategy is not how can I lie, cheat or steal whatever I want. Donald Trump, like all good ex-Presidents as Lewis Black points out, needs to go away.  It is in your power Republicans to make that happen. Stop giving him a platform and stop egging him on. Yes, he promoted some useful policies particularly around Israel and China, but goodness knows Ben Sasse would probably do the same thing and not try to undermine the entire government in the process.

Conservatives, libertarians and generalized old-timey Republicans you can do better than Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Ron Johnson and Rand Paul. You can do better than Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis as well. Rob Portman, Pat Twomey, Liz Cheney, and Jeff Flake are all good choices.

Donald Trump ought to be on the trash heap of history along with Andrew Johnson, James Buchanan, Franklin Pierce and Richard Nixon. You all can do better. I know you can. As for the Democrats, given the last primary, I am not at all sure they can do better. If Biden was the choice, they need as much help as the Republicans. Maybe, more.

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