All I Know So Far

All I Know So Far


Leonard Zwelling

She flies.

In the most amazing arena show I have ever seen, Alecia Beth Moore soars high above basketball courts and sites of ice hockey games to the adulation of tens of thousands of fans who know her better as P!nk.`

P!nk has now made a documentary film about her Beautiful Trauma Tour with stops all over the world leading to two sold out shows at Wembley Stadium in London. Each London show had 80,00 attendees. The film, All I Know So Far, has two important points to make.

First, the artist known as P!nk, is a force of nature and amazing discipline as she runs an entourage of over two hundred musicians and staff that make her death defying show a reality. Along with singing and dancing to songs she wrote, Ms. Moore flies on trapezes around the arena ceiling and does Cirque de Soleil type maneuvers high above the crowd of awe struck thousands who come in all shapes and sizes although I guess we were among the oldest and straightest people there when we saw her three times at the Toyota Center. For a 40-plus year old woman she is in world-class condition that allows her to perform her acrobatics while singing at the same time. She actually says in the film that she sings better upside down. I believe it. But her singing is no gimmick. She has a marvelous and strong voice that sustains the show throughout its breadth.

Second, she is a dedicated mother of two young children who travel with her and her husband, former motor cross star Carey Hart. In the entirety of the film we never see a nanny or baby sitter. The four Harts seem to care for one another despite private jets, tour buses, and twenty-four suitcases just for Mama. P!nk is also an advocate for many liberal causes especially LGBTQ+ rights. Her audience is amazingly diverse and in the film P!nk reads letters from fans who have been deeply touched by both her music and her advocacy.

The message is clear. Even a small town Pennsylvania girl can rise to great heights, literally, and fulfill her dreams. Second, a powerful woman can run a rock and roll circus well, successfully and with artistic honesty. Third, rock and roll and motherhood are not mutually exclusive. It just takes a tremendous effort and a great deal of talent. P!nk has an unequalled work ethic that incorporates her childhood gymnastics and teenage angsty music to create a one-of-a-kind live show that cannot be represented well enough on vinyl.

I highly recommend this Amazon Prime film for it shows why rock stars are different than you and me and also how they are the same when it comes to parenting.

P!nk really is a force of nature but she is also very human and great company for two hours.

See the film. Even better, if you ever have a chance, see the live show.

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