Greene New Deal

The Greene New Deal


Leonard Zwelling

This is not about the environment or climate change.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is a freshman Congresswoman from Georgia who is on record as supporting Q Anon, anti-Semitism (Rothschild-sponsored space lasers caused the California wildfires), and the murder of Democratic members of Congress. There is little that minority leader Kevin McCarthy can do about the fact that she was elected by her constituents, but plenty he could do about seating her on any committees in the House where the real work of the legislature is done. In a secret vote, the House Republicans elected to leave Ms. Greene on her assigned committees. The entire House reversed that decision the next day by a vote of 230 to 199 that included 11 sane Republicans. Ms. Greene is now ousted from her committee assignments.

My conservative/Republican friends ought to be deeply concerned about what is happening to their party. At a crucial time for conservatism and for the country, when balance is needed to offset some tendencies on the left to turn the United States into a socialist state (according to the GOP and its campaign ads), what we really need is regression to the political mean and away from extremism on either sides.

Surely, after what the US will have to spend to offset the economic effects of the coronavirus, a Green New Deal is not in the offing right now. Nor is Medicare for all or reparations for slavery. These far left ideas are just not timely nor within the scope of political or fiscal reality. But neither are Congresswoman Greene and her racist filth and strange beliefs.

That people like Congresswoman Greene are still around is not a surprise at all. Racists, nationalists, xenophobes, and anti-Semites were all energized by the last president. But let’s be clear, these people have always been with us. Trump just made it OK for them to crawl out from under their rocks and poison the political waters. That being said, Ms. Greene should be expelled from the House, even if her constituents just elect her again. She is a true cancer on American politics and we know the best therapy for cancer. Cut it out.

It should sadden good Republicans greatly that their own party could not cure itself of this stench, but had to rely on the Democrats to do its dirty work. This is a comment on the feckless nature of the Republican leadership in the House and for that matter all around. If the GOP continues to fear the vote of the Trump base so much that it will not act in its own best interest to cleanse itself of a disease like Ms. Greene, I fear there is little hope for a responsible conservative party in America.

The GOP should have cleaned this up itself. Let’s hope the Dems take a lesson and also rid themselves of anti-Semitic utterances from the left in their party. We now have a President who represents the middle of the Democratic spectrum despite what the Republicans are saying about his liberal bent. Mr. Biden is focused like a laser on getting aid to average Americans hurt by the coronavirus pandemic and wants to go big in kick starting the economy. I don’t think he will settle for anything less.

By contrast, the Republicans should not settle for harboring the likes of Ms. Greene in their midst. She should be expelled from the House as soon as possible and don’t give me that slippery slope nonsense about the Democrats getting rid of more Republicans. Both parties have tolerated a lot from the fringes of each other’s political spectrum. Ms. Greene is five standard deviations off the mean. The only Greene New Deal there ought to be is sending her back to Georgia.

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