Nancy Pelosi Is To Donald Trump

Nancy Pelosi Is To Donald
Trump What Wile E. Coyote Is To The Road Runner


Leonard Zwelling

         Safes, anvils and TNT not withstanding, Nancy Pelosi has
rendered herself a cartoon character and my readers are asking me to address
this. So, I shall. No matter what she tries to do to one-up Donald Trump, she

         First, she wisely resisted impeaching him. Good decision.
Then she allowed herself to be pressed into doing it anyway by some left wing members
of her majority caucus in the House. She allowed this knowing from day one how
it would turn out. The Republican majority in the Senate was never going to
convict Trump and remove him from office. Their constituents wouldn’t stand for
it and Pelosi did not have an airtight case. She needed the “smoking gun” tape
and her House Managers never even sought it. Even if they had subpoenaed John
Bolton and gotten him as a witness, all he could have said was that Trump
withheld the aid to Ukraine for dirt on the Bidens. We all know this and it was
never going to be enough to throw Trump out. Why bother? The best she could
have done is censure him and she probably should have done that.

         Everything Pelosi has tried to do to thwart Trump has blown
up in her face. Like a stick of TNT. Is that an Acme safe heading for her

         In every sense of the word, the Democrats are old. They have
no new ideas really. Either they are running on socialist political theory that
will never play in the United States or they are just plain old. In Bernie’s
case, it’s both. I’m the last person to invoke ageism as I myself am 71, but I
wouldn’t nominate me to be president of anything right now and Bernie, Biden
and Bloomberg are all north of 75.

the other end of the spectrum is no better. Mayor Pete seems like a swell guy, but
he’s not even close to 40. He has never been elected to anything larger than a
mayor’s office and I really can’t see putting the nuclear arsenal in his hands
any more than I can see putting it in Trump’s—where it now sits. Of course,
Trump had no political experience either. And, look at the mess he’s made.

         What Donald Trump has done is to capture and reshape the
Republican Party. When he ran in 2016, he clearly carried a message that
resonated with a significant plurality of Republican voters in the primaries
and then with the larger country in key states. That message was basically, you
can’t trust the rest of these guys to do anything different than the current
guys. I will. And he did.

Democrats need to do the same and they will not do it with Bernie. A JFK-,
Clinton- or Obama-like personality needs to emerge, but the current field
contains no one with these attributes unless Mayor Pete can catch fire. It’s
not about the policies. It’s about the message and the personality. How do you
beat an incumbent sitting on a good economy? Answer, promising more people a
better one and having a real plan to do it. Having a real plan for health care
reform that maintains what people like about the current system (insurance),
but lowers costs and increases access. Addressing the dismal state of public
education with a plan to drive students (and their parents) toward public
schools, not away from them. Returning American troops from the Middle East and
encouraging our allies with policies on trade, climate change and defense which
make sense and make fun of no one.

         Is that Mayor Pete? It sure is not Biden or Warren or
Klobuchar as of now. New Hampshire may change the game. I doubt it. Bernie will
probably win, with Mayor Pete second. The rest may straggle on, but they’ll be
running out of money by the time Nevada and South Carolina roll around and Mike
Bloomberg is waiting atop bags of his own money to make a final push to the
tape on Super Tuesday.  

         I think this will be over by mid-March, but the Dems still
have a problem and Pelosi exemplifies it. When she had the high ground, and
Trump wouldn’t shake her hand, what did she do? Rip up his speech. Give me a
break. The both of you are spoiled kids or a coyote and a bird. And the coyote
cannot seem to catch the bird.

         Trump says, “Total Acquittal. Beep-beep.”

         Pelosi prays for her prey. She’ll never catch him before she
runs out of ledge.

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