Trump’s Ideas About Guns May Be More Dangerous Than The Guns

Trump’s Ideas About Guns May Be More Dangerous Than The Guns


Leonard Zwelling

Now Donald Trump is believing that he would be an excellent SWAT officer and he would have charged into the high school and saved kids from the shooter with the AR-15. This, even if Trump was unarmed.

Does he ever consider what comes out of his mouth before it does?

This is such total nonsense that it belies credibility. He should be ashamed and all first responders should disavow any association with a man who makes light of the difficult jobs they have.

It is difficult to remember when we have had a chief executive so full of himself and so full of malarkey all at once. Even Nixon wasn’t the fool this guy is.

What I cannot understand is why the members of his party on Capitol Hill tolerate this nonsense. Impeach him for goodness sake. He is not capable of being a leader of anything. He obviously did a pretty poor job of running his company given the number of bankruptcies he put it through. I have no idea how he affords the jet. Of course, he doesn’t need his own any more. We pay for his new one.

Donald Trump is really a punch line.

He is not a serious thinker. He is not a followable leader. He commands no respect from serious men or any women at all. Or shouldn’t. Those who cling to him like sycophants may need to find hiding places soon enough once Mr. Mueller completes his task, which may take a long time.

But don’t expect the Special Counsel to DO anything about what he finds when it comes to Mr. Trump. He may even have to call him an “unindicted co-conspirator” as Nixon was, but Mueller will not be punishing the president. That’s up to Congress.

My advice is to stretch out the investigation, hope the Democrats retake the House and then release all of the evidence which must include Trump dealing with Russian bankers and oligarchs and let Congress do its job.

Mr. Trump has proven himself to be a fool. He thinks that arming teachers with handguns (“concealed carry”) is a good deterrent to a crazed teen with armor and an AR-15. I doubt that it will be. And even if it sounds like a good idea, having bullets flying in all direction in a hall full of panicked kids is a truly awful idea.

My guess is that there will be a massive turnout for the March 24 demonstrations against guns in many American cities. It is then that the politicians will begin (and I mean begin) to realize that there may well be voting power on the side of the anti-gun movement. Then, when Congress grasps that the young people care and they will vote the pro-gun folks out of jobs will the tide begin to turn.

It’s not the NRA money that’s the challenge, but the NRA’s ability to get out its voters who will cast ballots on the gun issue alone. The anti-gun people have to do the same thing. Then maybe it will be safe for Mr. Trump to run into a school when he hears loud noises and realizes it’s just a rally by the students against more of his policies.

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