The Fifth Career:

The Fifth Career:


Leonard Zwelling

I’m on my fifth career.

I was a real doctor once, a medical oncologist actually. Then I was a molecular pharmacologist doing basic research on the mechanism of action of antineoplastic drugs. Then I was research administrator. I got to be a vice president and had a big office with a significant budget in the millions and more than 80 people working for me. Then I dabbled in the politics of health care reform, working on Capitol Hill, feeling quite alone, and lecturing about the Affordable Care Act. Now, I guess I am a pundit trying his hand at medical fiction and health policy analysis. The revised edition of my book was just released. It’s called Congressional Malpractice: Is Access To Affordable Healthcare A Right Or A Privilege? is my web site. It includes all the blogs, my pending appearances at book stores and the like, to try and sell the story of my year on Capitol Hill.

I am blogging about this because I want to let my readers know there is more information about that fifth career on the website than is on

My team including my co-author Marianne L. Ehrlich and I are attempting to broaden our reach. We have indeed developed five fictional stories involving the interface of real medical science and medical ethics. Many of the themes of these novels arose from my actual experiences both on Capitol Hill and at MD Anderson, for I was presented with a panoply of difficult ethical conundrums in both locations.

Whether you read the blog on the Google site or on, the content is the same, but there is much more on the latter and there is likely to be more over the weeks to come.

Of course, my first priority is that you read the blog at all. But if you want to know what I am up to and where you can get me live, will be updated constantly.

Thanks and keep reading!

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