Time Magazine’s 2018 Person Of The Year: Robert Mueller

Time Magazine’s 2018 Person Of The Year: Robert Mueller


Leonard Zwelling

This is over.

The current President of the United States will be impeached.

The evidence is mounting that he obstructed justice when he fired FBI Director James Comey and surely violated the Logan Act when he was dealing with the Russian government prior to taking office. In all likelihood people close to the president, Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, Donald Trump, Jr., Jared Kushner and others also flouted the law and probably crossed the line into illegal territory. At least people have already pleaded guilty.

Congress is too inept to actually investigate these matters. Part of the problem is partisan politics which could wreck the GOP like nothing has done since Watergate. It is obvious now that the Republicans will embrace child molesters (even the losers), serial sexual assaulters (even the winners), and liars (both) all the way to the Oval Office. They have no bounds and no limits. It saddens me greatly that so many who I came to respect while on Capitol Hill have to wallow in a party of such gracelessness.

I know, you say, they will never catch him.

Folks, they already have.

The president has admitted to assaulting women on tape. The record of his candidate in the Alabama Senate race is overwhelmingly negative and has now been rejected. At least two of his associates have already pleaded guilty with two more under indictment.

This is over.

The clock on the Trump Presidency is just running out. The outcome of the game has been predetermined by the avarice of the players some of whom were making deals for Middle East nuclear reactors built with the Russians 11 minutes into the new president’s inaugural address.

The only thing that might save the Trump presidency is a war, which is not unlikely as he continues to egg on Kim Jun Un in North Korea. Fortunately. Mr. Kim is smarter than President Trump and would never endanger his grip on power by entering into a shooting war with the United States. Why bother? What Kim wants is a seat at the nuclear table. He pretty much has it. Why blow up the table?

In 1973, at a dinner meeting I hosted in Durham, NC of medical students and faculty members, our speaker, Professor William Van Alstyne, a constitutional lawyer from the Duke Law School, informed the gathered that evening that Nixon was through. We all laughed. He was right.

I am telling you this is over.

Mr. Mueller will bring a credible case of law breaking against the sitting president and the evidence will be so overwhelming that even the Republicans will have to vote for articles of impeachment. It won’t get to the Senate. Trump will resign and go back to being the media clown he was when he fooled enough Americans into voting for the PT Barnum of the modern era.

If Mr. Trump had run against anyone else but Hillary Clinton, he probably would have lost. But he didn’t, he ran against her and he won. Now he will be driven from office for crimes that he committed for the most primitive of reasons. Money. Mr. Mueller will have his day, even if it is not in court. He will bring down a president and that’s sufficient reason to be the Man of the Year.

This is over.

Welcome President Pence—if he is not just as guilty and Mueller doesn’t bring him down, too.

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