Maybe We Can Tweet The Deficit Away Like The Donald Tweets Away The ACA

Maybe We Can Tweet The Deficit Away Like The Donald Tweets Away The ACA


Leonard Zwelling

By now it should be clear to one and all that a tweet is not what Barbara Walters gives her pet dog. No, it’s usually a 140-character rant on Twitter and is favored as a mode of communication by the soon-to-be 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump.

Mr. Trump feels compelled to chime in his 140 cents on just about any issue that passes through his consciousness, particularly those criticisms aimed at piercing his ever-thinning skin and ever-growing ego.

Rather than fight this trend, Congress will need to learn it if it is ever to be able to assert its will on the government of the United States, an idea whose time may be over despite it being most of Article One of the Constitution. You can be sure that every time the Congress or one of its members disagrees with the new President, POTUS The Sad Donald (PTSD) will man the Twitter barricades and rain down hot cauldrons of oil in 140-character barrels in an effort to discredit the position of any opponent as well as the genetics of the opponent him- or herself. So sad!

But maybe there’s a lesson here.

Perhaps Dr. DePinho should drop his penchant for the overly long emails and revert to Twitter as a way to tell the faculty and staff of the ever-shrinking MD Anderson how he will govern. The shared governance was a sham anyway. Why not just tweet what’s on your mind?

Will cure cancer. Will use Watson, Sherlock. No problem. It will be huge. @RDP


EMR will boost P and L. LOL. @RDP


Laying off 1000. Had no choice. Sometimes you have to pare back some of the family. So Sad. @RDP


Walking about. Trying to figure out what all these people do. Maybe I can layoff more. @RDP


Heading for South Campus. Going to visit the money made by the clinicians. Oh, didn’t you know? @RDP

You get the drift.

This way, everyone would have a lot less to read. Shared governance meetings could end as no one believes that they really gain the faculty any real input. I mean do you really believe that the faculty leaders on that committee asked Dr. DePinho to fire all those people? I don’t. And I won’t believe it when @RDP starts firing faculty, which is inevitable, and blaming the move on the Shared Governance Committee.

Remember, the beatings will continue until morale improves!

I think Twitter Governance should repeal and replace the highly theoretical shared governance as perhaps being representative of the way things really are and be a means to generate more time to see patients by having to allot less time to email reading and going to meetings. This seems like a win-win-win. I am just not sure for whom.

Hey! @HeadSeal. Maybe you should critically examine that @RDP shared governance thing. Not sure it’s working. So Sad. @lenzwelling

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