Baggage: Hillary’s Shoes and Ron’s Money

Baggage: Hillary’s Shoes
and Ron’s Money


Leonard Zwelling

         A friend asked how much more baggage could Hillary have?


         There’s still Whitewater and Vince Foster and the bimbos and
Monica and impeachment and Benghazi and the Clinton Foundation and the emails.
That would seem more than enough for a lifetime. Clearly not. More baggage
keeps appearing mostly in the form of previously unseen emails.

Mrs. Clinton has more baggage, I know what’s in it. Shoes. She has more shoes
than Imelda Marcos and they keep dropping one at a time.

         She also has a lot of money. See this little tidbit in
Sunday’s NY Times of September 4:

         Mrs. Clinton has been rubbing elbows with the very rich and
very famous from the Eastern tip of Long Island to Beverly Hills and managed to
haul in $143 million in the month of August without giving so much as a press
conference for the world to hear what she thinks without paying for the
privilege. Family photos cost $10,000 and if your kid wants to ask her a
question, that’s $2700 proving that a picture is worth about 4 words.

         I really didn’t need to read more about the awful behavior
of the person who I must vote for. Can’t you keep me in the dark like a
mushroom and compost me?

         And on the subject of compost, how about the bags of money
that must be floating around MD Anderson somewhere for the institution to be
$400 million in the hole. Don’t tell me, Dr. DePinho and Mr. Fontaine, that all
of that is because of EPIC. No one believes that. Rather it is more likely that
the deficits brought on by the slowing of patient care volumes which in turn
was slowed by EPIC unmasked overspending on non-revenue generating activities,
most probably in the research arena.

         It seems that Mrs. Clinton and Dr. DePinho have in common
the willingness to hang around rich people, trying to separate them from their
money, and sending others out to meet the public that is not willing or not able
to write the large checks Hillary and Ron demand for a private audience.

         Good for you both. You have a great gig going. It is just so
unattractive to the commoners like me. In Mrs. Clinton’s case, if any of the
other three pretenders to the Presidency were even competent, I would vote for
them. Alas, they are not.

         As for DePinho, why his minders in Austin insist on sticking
with this guy is beyond me. Someone is going to have to cover his deficits soon
enough. My guess is that we will hear all about it as the next session of the
State Legislature is upon us shortly after January 1 and I cannot see the
faculty making up the $400 million shortfall by then.

         It is really pitiful that the national and local leadership
is so wanting. What is so interesting is that both Mrs. Clinton and Dr. DePinho
are employing a Rose Garden strategy of hiding from the public unless that
public can write large checks.

         Willie Sutton robbed banks because that’s where the money
was. Mrs. Clinton and Dr. DePinho head for Aspen or Martha’s Vineyard for the
same reason. The rest of us: “let ‘em eat cake.”

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