Vetted? Are You Sure?

Vetted? Are You Sure?


Leonard Zwelling

         If you are anything like me, you have heard and seen enough
of both Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton already. Consider that it is only August and
that one of them will be on our TV screens for the next four years. Ugh!

         But how much do you really know about these two?

         Mr. Trump had rolled out his entire family from plagiarist
to real estate developer but do we know any more about the man who wishes to
ascend to the Oval Office? Do we have a feeling for how he might react under
times of stress when the safety of the nation is on the line? I don’t think
that we do, beyond his rants and that is all show biz, so who really knows what
he would do?

         We do know that he declared bankruptcy at least five times
and that was just from dealings in Atlantic City. He has not released his tax
returns so we don’t how much he is really worth and to whom he owes money and
how much. These things matter. If he is over his head in debt to nefarious
characters or foreign governments, shouldn’t we be allowed to know that before
we vote for his hand to be on the nuclear arsenal? And why the three wives? And
what are his real religious beliefs if he is going to make this an issue as he
has seeking the evangelical vote? In fact, what are his beliefs on things that
really matter like foreign policy and the economy? We know he doesn’t like
Mexicans, Muslims, women or immigrants from anywhere.

claims to be pro-women. Really? It doesn’t sound that way, but maybe it’s true.
Shouldn’t we know by seeing what women he has promoted and how successful THEY
think they have been?

         As for Mrs. Clinton, she has been in the public eye for over
30 years. Is there really more to learn about her?

         I think that there is.

         What did she actually accomplish as Secretary of State? The
Iran deal? I’m with Trump on the value of that mess.

         Is there a single piece of legislation that she introduced
in her eight years in the Senate that has her name on it and was passed into
law? That should be easily found.

         And what the heck is going on with her and her husband? Do
they even talk to each other or does he wander around the tarmac of airports
looking for ways to undermine the integrity of the Justice Department
investigations into his wife’s email accounts as well as cause her more
headaches? And what about all those bimbos in Bill’s past? What did she have to
do with enabling him and who did she hurt to hold onto power through him and on
her own since?

         I suppose we will have to hear from Chelsea Clinton about her
“Mom” as my email has been inundated with such tripe already and Chelsea is
only one against the Trump kids as The Donald led three wives.

         How confident are you that you know either of the candidates
sufficiently to vote for them? I know I don’t and I fear his bluster and her
obfuscation will fill the debate stages from now until Election Day and we may
never know the truth about either of them and that’s the way they want it. Why
won’t she release the texts of the speeches she gave for Wall Street sponsors?
Is she ashamed of what she said or is it simply off message now when compared
to what Bernie would say? Is that it until November for Hillary—WWBS—what would
Bernie say?

         Frankly, I don’t trust either one of them. He’s a braggart.
She’s a liar. They both are full of hubris and are backed by far fewer of their
party members than they ought to be to be successful nominees.

         I know that I will have to vote for one of them. I don’t do
so happily. But at least I would like to know who I am choosing. As of this
writing, I don’t. Do you? If so, tell me. (

         And please do not start your email with what is wrong with
the other one. Tell me what you like about The Donald or The Hillary. No
comments allowed about hair or pant suits—for or against either of them.

          I do know one thing. If they were both surgeons, she would be the one with the great hands found almost guilty of Medicare fraud. He would be a surgical intern. And that may be all you need to know to decide for whom you will vote.

2 thoughts on “Vetted? Are You Sure?”

  1. Len; you have a gifted albeit vitriolic literary ability. Have you ever considered taking a positive role and helping the positive abilities of the democratic ticket? I will not deny that Hillary has some flaws, but who hasn't , including many political figures and many of us who have been in leadership positions. If a man would have done the wrongs ascribed to her, it would have been brushed off. Use your inborn qualities to help in correcting rather than destroying Obama care. There is much good in it and you could work with them. What is your better half's opinion?

  2. You'll have to ask her, but if you read my book, Red Kool-Aid Blue Kool-Aid you will see that I agree and make many positive suggestions. As for running, I once considered that but I would have to move to win as a Democrat in Bellaire. Thanks for reading

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