I Guess I’ll Go With The Teenager Over The Five Year Old

I Guess I’ll Go With The
Teenager Over The Five Year Old


Leonard Zwelling


         The FBI gave her a D. Minus!

         FBI Director Comey has declined to prosecute Hillary Clinton
for the use of an unsecured government email system during her tenure as
Secretary of State. It is clear that she DID send classified information on the
system, despite her protests to the contrary, which always had to be the case.
For it not to be so would entail the absence of any classified info on the
server at all which is preposterous. Her private server did, indeed, contain hackable
secrets of the United States. As the Director said, she showed awful judgment
in using such a system, but it did not rise to the level of a crime. My real
guess is that this is like the findings about Nixon and Watergate just before
the one where he was actually caught on tape plotting in the Oval Office that
finally led to his resignation. The Justice Department will likely stop just
short of turning up the needed evidence to send her to jail. But I bet it’s to
be found—probably by Doris Kearns Goodwin in ten years. Or maybe by Bob
Woodward next week.

         Crooked Hillary is now Lucky Hillary. For now.

         Just to really complicate the matter, the Attorney General
just about took herself out of the judgment loop after being accosted by
Hillary’s husband on the tarmac in Arizona showing that not only does Hill have
no judgment, Bill doesn’t either. But we already knew that, right—and that was
before his post-pump brain took over his way too skinny body.

also demonstrates that either those around the two Clintons are idiots, which
is really doubtful, or no matter what the advisors say or how, Bill and Hill will do
what they wish when they wish it, and assume that there are no consequences.
After all, it got them this far.

         Almost anyone of the other 17 GOP contenders for the White
House would pass an ethics test with a higher grade than Hillary—except for the
one who will be nominated in Cleveland, Donald Trump.

         Hillary is like a teenager who stays out too late, dents the
car, smokes dope in the back seat, and maxes out Daddy’s credit card and then
blames her friends for not stopping her. Then she asks for the car again. This only looks good when compared to
a Neanderthal misogynist, racist fomenter of hate like Mr. Trump.

what it comes down to is that America has to choose its next leader from
between a teenage girl with Valley Girl sensibilities and a sense of unique
entitlement or a 5-year old child screaming for attention and calling people

         What a concept!

         I think it is safe to say that we have a leadership crisis
in America all the way to the top with no relief in sight no matter who each of
them pick for running mates and as, Frank Bruni noted on Sunday in the NY Times, it probably doesn’t matter


         In my lifetime, I have never seen a worse choice for
President than the one we have now, although 1972 was close. At least McGovern
was just out in far left field and Nixon was only presumed to be a crook then.
It took another few months before we became sure of it.

         What I was really hoping for was that the FBI would
prosecute her and Bernie would rise to the top. It would at least have been fun
even though he has no idea how he can pay for any of the policies he proposes.
He’s neither a teenager nor a child. He’s your older next door neighbor who
doesn’t want your ball on his lawn—sort of John McCain without the epaulets with your wallet in his pocket.

         On the GOP side, I can still hope that the Never Trumps can
somehow convince the convention to look elsewhere, but that’s doubtful. And then what anyway? Cruz?

         I really believe this is the choice we have, a
peri-pubescent, irresponsible privileged do-gooder (when the gooder and the
goodie are the same, herself) and a child of privilege and wealth who cares
nothing of anyone beyond himself. It has come to this. It’s the self-centered
vs. the self-centered. Sounds like academic medicine to me!


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