Why I Can’t Vote For Either Of Them

Why I Can’t Vote For
Either Of Them


Leonard Zwelling

         It was 1972 when I could first vote for President. I voted
for George McGovern. He lost.

have voted in every election since. I am 6 and 4 in Presidential choosing. That
is, I have voted for 6 winners and 4 losers. This means that I have always
voted for either a Democrat or a Republican. Not this year.

         Why not?

         Let’s start with Mr. Trump because he’s easy to dismiss. He has
no experience in politics. He has no respect for people who do not agree with
him. He’s a grown man calling other people names and riling up crowds of
ruffians on both sides. He is dangerous by any stretch of the imagination. It
is not clear if he is more dangerous because of what he believes in or because
of what he doesn’t know he believes in. He’s a racist, a bigot, a bully and a
misogynist. He has no business even getting a chance to run for office and even
he said so a few years back acknowledging that his record as a playboy probably
limited his credibility to be President. That’s one time he was actually right.
I cannot vote for Donald Trump and I won’t.

         But I cannot vote for Hillary Clinton either. She is a very
accomplished woman with a long history of public service. And that’s the

         First, she is yesterday’s news and yesterday’s thinking. The
reason Bernie Sanders has given her such a run for her money is because her
ideas, her posture, her tone and her rhetoric are all dated. She’s like a
scolding grandmother. Wait a minute. She is a scolding grandmother. Who wants
that in the Oval Office?

         Second, she has had a long history of very shaky ethics.
True, no one has caught her with her hand in the till—yet. It’s been very close
and now we know that she was caught using her own email server and not
releasing her emails to the State Department when she left as she was supposed
to do. She used her personal server without permission, something that none of
her predecessors or successors have done.

         Third, she lies every bit as much as Trump does. She was not
honest with the Benghazi families and not honest with us about her conduct
while at State with regard to that server. She is a repetitive prevaricator.

         Fourth, I really don’t care what her husband did before or
after he became President with regard to his dalliances. I do care that he lied
under oath and should have been convicted of perjury. Both Clintons move
through the world as if the rules that govern the conduct of the rest of us,
don’t apply to them. That there are people foolish enough to pay them huge fees
to speak when they really have nothing new to say escapes my understanding. I
know that they are smart. Lots of people are smart. Bill is only there part of
the time and she is just sleazy enough to make you uncomfortable.

         It is most unfortunate that a woman of such dubious conduct
and ethics is the first to be nominated for President. Her gender is no reason
to vote for her. Sorry. I am married to a powerful woman. She would be a better
President than Hillary, because she wouldn’t lie. Hillary will do anything to
stay in power or make money. Very dangerous!

         Fifth, the Clintons remind me of leaders in other walks of
life from Wall Street to academic medicine who really think that they are
entitled to wealth, power, and influence no matter how they achieve it. I don’t
want to encourage such people with my vote. I also will not send money to
institutions led by such people. 

         Thus, I cannot vote for Hillary Clinton.

         Rest assured that I will vote in the November
election—probably early. I may vote for the Libertarian ticket, especially since they nominated William Weld, former Republican Governor of Massachusetts, to the
Vice Presidential slot. I may write in my own name. I always wanted to ride in
Air Force One. I may simply not vote for President, although that is unlikely.

         I know that I will vote for the loser this year. I refuse to
egg on either of these two deceitful and mediocre candidates with my vote. They
have earned nothing but disdain and certainly not the Oval Office.

         Personally, I actually believe that the right third party
candidate could do better than expected. He or she might even win. Elizabeth
Warren, Paul Ryan or Michael Bloomberg, are you listening?  


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