Trump’s Agenda Is Furthered By Orlando

Trump’s Agenda Is
Furthered By Orlando


Leonard Zwelling

         I am beginning to get it.

         Many people in the country feel profoundly unsafe. Guns
aren’t making them safe. The police aren’t making them safe. The US military
and 15 years of war have not made them safe. Can anyone make America safe?

         Now the honest answer is no.

         There is no maneuver that you or your government can do to
guarantee your safety from terrorism, crime or disease. This is most
unfortunate, but it is, alas, true.

         Now if we would only begin to believe the truth.

         Instead, many Americans have interpreted the question
differently. They ask in their minds, can anyone make America safe? But what
they are hearing is that Donald Trump can make us great again.

         This is a phony baloney promise on a number of levels.

         First, America is the greatest country in the world. This
does not mean the country isn’t facing a host of serious dilemmas including
personal safety. There are many. Public education is a mess. Access to quality
medical care for all is not a reality. The infrastructure is rotting and the
Congress is inept and impotent. And, there are way too many guns around with
too many people on watch lists still gaining access to firearms. Inadequate
mental health care is part of the crisis facing medicine and, yes, ISIS is a
real threat both directly and using its inspiration via the internet to reach
out to sick, receptive minds.

         Second, all of these problems are soluble but take time.
Nonetheless, we should demand concrete proposals for solutions from those
running for office and we rarely get them. Thus, trust in government is at an
all time low. This is another serious problem. How can someone you don’t trust keep you safe or make you great?

         Third, it’s really dangerous world out there for all of the
reasons listed as problems above.

         Enter, Mr. Trump.

         He is guaranteeing that America will be great again. There
will be no more ISIS when he is President. All those criminals from Mexico will
shrink behind his wall that Mexico will pay for. All Muslims will not enter the
US. What he is really saying, is that Daddy Trump will make you safe.

         But nothing could be further from the truth.

         An extensive article in the NY Times on Sunday June 12 demonstrates that Donald Trump was a
business failure in Atlantic City and stuck many other people with millions in
debt while he pulled out vast sums for himself. He declared bankruptcy from his
Atlantic City operations five times! Furthermore, he no more knew when to get
out of that racket than he knows anything about diplomacy.

         Donald Trump is a danger to himself and others—like you and
me. He will not make us safe and he surely won’t make us great.

         That being said, his line seems genuine to some and I
suspect when he spouts it, he believes it himself. It’s just bull.

         He has no plans to defeat ISIS because he knows nothing
about foreign affairs or the military. He couldn’t. He also cannot cut taxes,
build roads, improve health care or public education.

         BUT—when someone of the Muslim persuasion enters a nightclub
and shoots the place up and kills almost 50 for no apparent reason and gives a
nod to inspiration from ISIS, the Trump baloney resonates. Don’t be fooled.
Donald Trump is brand X. He is not what we need and if he were legitimate, he
would make his taxes available. My guess is that he has had huge losses in
business and used them to negate his gains and he has paid no taxes for years.

         Be very wary of those who would promise to make you safe or
great or both. Unless they tell you how—specifically—be a skeptic.

         Donald Trump will no more make us great than the current
crop of academic cancer leaders can find a cure. Vice President Biden is learning
what a fraud all the genomicists are now and soon the world will know what a
fraud Trump is. I just hope it is a lesson learned BEFORE November 8.

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