The Mess Made By Pubescent Boys

The Mess Made By Pubescent


Leonard Zwelling

         Peggy, Peggy, Peggy, how prescient can you be?

         In this perfectly timed opinion piece from the Wall Street Journal on April 2, Peggy
Noonan once again shows why she is the premier pundit in all of punditdom.

         Of course, Ms. Noonan is discussing the mess made by Donald
Trump in the last few weeks taking a series of baby missteps and turning them
into a distinct disadvantage that may lead to his not becoming the GOP nominee
for President.

         It really started with his inability to formulate a rational
policy on abortion. He managed the rare feat of annoying both the pro-choice
and pro-life crowds by being willing to punish those who have had abortions
should they become illegal. Memo to Donald. Abortion is legal in the United
States. There are also the re-tweeted photos and messages and the unflattering
pictures of an opponent’s wife and his inability to come up with a plan for the
KKK, and his campaign chair manhandling a reporter, and his referring to his
own private parts in a nationally televised debate. Mr. Trump has managed to
take a 230-year tradition of bad behavior in pursuit of the White House and
turn it into a wrestling match in the mud during recess on a third grade
playground. Everything is “he started it.” Really?

         Even his supporters who in trying to defend him are struggling
including Ann Coulter who noted “it’s like constantly having to bail out your
16-year-old son from prison.” He has managed to do the impossible, make Ted
Cruz and Hillary Clinton seem both preferable and electable. Now THAT’S a

         Now I say this with all due respect because we who love MD
Anderson have the same problem, a leader whose reputation needs constant care
and feeding because he just loves making a mess. Unfortunately his reputation
becomes that of the institution and by reflection something we need to explain
to people from outside of Houston.

conflict of interest, nepotism, and abuse of power are just some of the things
Dr. DePinho has embraced to force the Houston
, that is clearly in his clutches, and the chair of the Board of
Visitors, similarly in DePinho’s thrall, to justify his bad behavior in print.
I don’t know why they do it, Ann Coulter and Mel Klein, but they do.

         Both offices, President of the US and President of MD
Anderson, are too important to be left in the hands of juveniles who wake up
each day wondering what prank they can pull on the masses today.

good news is the candidate who is threatening to take down the Oval Office can
still be stopped. The one on Holcombe is already loosed on the populous and
requiring perpetual public relations bailouts. Of course, the latter guy just
had to fool Ken Shine and the Board of Regents to get his job. Trump is trying
to fool the whole country. And he’s starting to fail. Too bad Shine never asked
any of us about his decision.

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