Where Is MD Anderson’s Mitt?

Where Is MD Anderson’s


Leonard Zwelling

         It was Thursday. March 3. I was driving to Austin on 71 to
go to a speaking gig that evening. That was when I heard Mitt Romney give what
was undoubtedly the best speech of his life. If you haven’t watched it or heard
it or read it, you should.


         In essence Mitt Romney did the one thing the rest of his
party would not do. He punched the bully in his nose by naming him and calling
him out for what he is–a phony, a fraud and a destructive surrealist about
American exceptionalism and superiority. No one is a stauncher supporter of
this country than the GOP standard bearer of 2012, even if he did make a mess
of his own campaign. I don’t know if he is offering himself up as the last,
best hope for the GOP for he certainly trashed Hillary Clinton and husband Bill
in his speech like he was taking an opening shot at his likely opponent. Like
Mitt or hate Mitt or something in between Mitt, The Mitten Man showed that at
least someone in his party could grow a pair beside Carly Fiorina.

         You will have to excuse me, but among the testosterone laden
in Austin and Houston who oversee or contribute to the well-being of MD
Anderson, when will someone act like Mitt and call out DePinho for behavior
amazingly like that of The Donald? Bullying, unpleasantness, rudeness,
boorishness, an unreal sense of his own self-importance, megalomania, and a
disturbed view of the world are all traits shared by The Donald and The Ronald.
When will someone in a position of authority, if such a person exists within
the UT System (and I doubt it), say enough is enough at the wrecking of the
jewel of the UT health components’ crown. Throw the bum out!

         I have no idea why among the Chancellor, Executive Vice
Chancellor, the Board of Regents, the Legislature and the faculty leadership of
MD Anderson no one has the gumption to say that self-dealing, cheating on CPRIT
grant applications, conflict of interest, nepotism, ritzy furniture and
ridiculous promises about cancer cures doesn’t disqualify Ron DePinho from serving as
the President of MD Anderson. I understand why the Board of Visitors says
nothing. They know nothing about health care or cancer. They are a boosters
club of rich Texans whose care and feeding have undoubtedly shaped Dr.
DePinho’s days.

in such a statement, I don’t mean hinting at these deficiencies or papering
them over as has occurred for the past 4 ½ 
years by the likes of Ken Shine whose lack of due diligence brought us
to this moment. I don’t mean passing a no-confidence vote. I don’t mean a
boycott. I just mean a statement from an individual representing only himself
or herself saying we are better than this and we as a cancer center cannot be
led by such mediocrity of character.

         Who? When? I’m waiting.

that happens, then I will believe in shared governance. Wouldn’t that be EPIC?

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