Now We Know What Scares The Donald. The Megyn.

Now We Know What Scares
The Donald. The Megyn.


Leonard Zwelling

         It appeared that The Donald had no fear. After all, he is
threatening to shoot someone on 5th Avenue without concern that it
would eat into his poll numbers. Surely he fears nothing. Well, not quite.

Trump is afraid of Megyn Kelly or how she might treat him during a Fox-sponsored debate. Thus, he has backed out.

need to keep this in mind because The Donald, when he is The
Commander-in-Chief, as he hopes to be, may not show up for meetings with
Vladimir Putin or the Ayatollah Khamenei if either of them makes fun of his

Trump cannot have it both ways. Either he is the champion of the people and
able to face down any opponent of America to make it great again or a 45-year
old woman scares the daylights out of him. Which is it?

ever we needed evidence that The Donald is nothing but a bullying blowhard,
this is it.

really do not know what to expect from him next. Perhaps he will show up
tomorrow after all. I believe the Cruz camp is taking no chances and preparing
as if Mr. Trump will have yet another of his last minute flip-flops and decide
to appear. He is threatening ruin for Fox because without him the ratings will
tank and he may be right. Ratings are not votes. We shall see if one translates into another.

am sure Mr. Rubio would be thrilled if Mr. Trump sat this one out and he was
one less impediment to Marco playing polo with Ted.

am not a fan of Fox News. Frankly, the only time I watch Fox News is when it is
on at the JCC because the right wing elderly of Greater Jewish Houston love the
pro-Israel rhetoric of Roger Ailes and company. But in this case, major props
go to the red-tinged network (that would be Red as in GOP not Red as in
Communist). That the network would not bend to Mr. Trump’s petulance is to the
network’s credit and I think Megyn Kelly is as well-versed and articulate in
politics as any of the other moderators who have hosted or who might host a debate. I do love Ted
Cruz’s idea of a Lincoln-Douglass style debate without moderators, but then it
would have to be just two participants and the other mainstreamers like Rubio,
Kasich, Christie, and Bush as well as the off the wall and sinking Ben Carson
would cry foul.

the headline today is that we have found that like Luke Skywalker’s fear of
Darth Vader, perhaps the Donald’s of Megyn Kelly is well-founded. Then again,
maybe The Donald should man up.

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