Wrestling Jerusalem: A Play by Aaron Davidman

Wrestling Jerusalem: A
Play by Aaron Davidman


Leonard Zwelling

         If you have no interest in Israel or the complex world of
Middle East politics, read no further.

         If, on the other hand, you do care about that part of the
world, then I suspect that you have either been there or wish to go.

         If you are in the latter category and cannot find the time,
money or sense of security needed for a trip to Israel, then get over to the
JCC on Saturday evening, November 7 and see this one-man play starring the
playwright himself.

         It is an 85 minute trip through the region on both sides of
the green line. You will meet 17 different characters, all Mr. Davidman. These
characters also come from both sides of the green line and from America as well
for the author plays himself on occasion. He uses nothing but his body and
voice on a virtually empty stage with a bit of lighting for mood and continuity.
He portrays these 17 people who range from Arab to Jew, shopkeeper to rabbi,
pot head to serious terrorist. And, since we just came back form visiting many
of the areas about which Mr. Davidman speaks, particularly in the West Bank,
suffice it to say, he gets it exactly right.

         I cannot recommend this to you more highly. It will cost you
about $30 a ticket and it is worth twice that. I have no idea if any tickets
are left for this is presented in the small Kaplan Theater at the JCC which
only holds about 300, I would guess. If you can get tickets—GO!  It’s a lot cheaper than a trip to the region
and a lot safer, although we felt safe in Hebron, Jericho and Nablus.

         Do not miss this if you care about Israel, have been there
or wish that you had been.  After seeing
it, you will want to go even more.


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