Clown Car

Clown Car


Leonard Zwelling

         It’s been a great two weeks for the Democratic Presidential
front-runner in the pants suit. Hillary had a triumphant debate, then Joe calls
it off, and then, without saying all that much insulting, Hillary manages to
make the members of the Benghazi Committee look like a bunch of monkeys.
Actually, they made themselves look like monkeys and she got to watch with the
rest of us.

         Let’s get a couple of facts out there.

         First, that four Americans lost their lives on September 11,
2012 in Benghazi is a tragedy.

         Second, I honestly believe that Mrs. Clinton was doing all
that she could as Secretary of State to assess the reason for the attack and to
try to save anyone on the ground who was threatened.

         Third, I think her emails suggest that she knew early on
that this attack was no response to a crazy anti-Islamic video, but was a
coordinated attack by Al Qaeda. She had no business emailing her daughter about it.

         Fourth, Susan Rice’s performances on the various Sunday talk
shows were awful and misleading, probably purposefully.

         Fifth, Mrs. Clinton is a former First Lady, former US
Senator and former Secretary of State. As imperious as she sometimes seems to
be, she has earned some respect from these very minor politicians who have
managed to convince at least half of the population of their congressional districts
to place them in the US House of Representatives.

         Sixth, none of this will matter any longer despite the fact
that Mrs. Clinton may well have been calculatedly less than candid in the early
days following Benghazi as to what she knew about the etiology of the attack,
what she said to the families of the victims (and her own), and what she allowed her
spokesperson Ms. Rice to say on national TV. In the end, Hillary wins and once
again shows that perhaps the most important characteristic of a modern
politician is resilience. The bottom line is that the clown car stopped on
Capitol Hill and out jumped the Republican members of the Benghazi Committee in
full clown dress, big shoes, red noses and all, squirting themselves with lapel

         Let’s turn the page.

         Here in beautiful downtown Houston, the clowns are still
piling into and out of the car that is parked atop Pickens. The headliner is
holding tributes to himself with his wife as ringmaster and most of his buddies
phoning it in.

         He and the other Bozos are continuing to remove the most
competent of scientists and clinicians from positions of responsibility at
Anderson substituting them with know-nothings and do-nothings with Seltzer
bottles and big titles and salaries. Nice work if you an get it.

         The problem is that when the US House is turned into a clown
car, very few people notice. It’s always been a clown car and the Founders knew
that.  That’s why they invented the
Senate. Remember, until about 100 years ago, senators were not directly elected
by the people and for a good reason. The Founders were not willing to turn the
whole government into the clown car the current Republican Presidential primary
has become.

         Unfortunately, R. Lee Clark didn’t quite have the foresight
to imagine his successors turning his crowning achievement, MD Anderson, into a
VW that holds 20. Alas, that has happened and there is no Hillary on the
horizon to call the public’s attention to what MD Anderson leadership has
become, the red nosed all-stars!

         I suggest that all of you victimized by these clowns bring
your grievances directly to the only hope, the Chancellor. I would do this with
face-to-face meetings in which you have substantiated your grievances in
writing with great documentation.

         In the end, if you want to get rid of the clown car, let
loose the lions. The elephants are too busy with their own circus in Iowa and
Capitol Hill.

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