Brady and Clinton Are Cut Out Of the Same Cloth: Inflated Egos and Deflated Footballs

Brady and Clinton Are Cut
Out Of the Same Cloth: Inflated Egos and Deflated Footballs


Leonard Zwelling

         So Tom Brady is going to get a walk.  It must be in a lateral direction, because
there was no penalty assessed by the zebras or the robes.

instant replay of the American court system (the robes) has determined that unless there is
irrefutable evidence that he did something wrong, Brady can play with the other
kids as much as he wishes. So despite the fact that a defensive player noted
the poorly inflated footballs and the winningest quarterback in the league did
not notice and then destroyed any evidence of potential misdeeds by blowing up
his cell phone, he gets a pass.  No
penalty.  No holding. No grounding. No
kidding. His claim that he really did not know the footballs were deflated and
didn’t know that destroying his phone would permanently put his guilt in doubt
never occurred to him. Right! Let’s face it. 
The New England Patriots cheat. Liar, liar, pants on fire.

         Meanwhile, talk about fire, back at the barbecue pits and hog
farms of Iowa, Mrs. Clinton still won’t admit that she understood that as
Secretary of State she just might get some top secret communications via email, so having an insecure server is a bad idea.
Maybe she thought that Secretary of State did typing for the CEO of State. Thus, she
was not worried that her email was not secure. The real explanation is, of
course, that she didn’t want to be troubled with two email accounts like all
the rest of us who ever worked for the government had to deal with, so she just
suspended the laws as she pleased. (For her next job, she will be running for
county clerk in Kentucky).

Clinton like Mr. Brady expects to escape with no penalty but we must not let
that happen.

         None of us had a say in the Tom Brady charade. That a
federal judge had to use the common standards of guilt “beyond a reasonable
doubt” in a dispute that was more a pissing match between Roger Goodell and the
New England Patriots is laughable. For destroying the phone Brady should sit
for four games and for being an arrogant ass he should sit for four more.

         With Hillary though, we do have a say and speak we must. I
personally have had enough of Presidents of major institutions (political,
corporate, or academic) not believing the rules apply to them when it comes to
things like conflict of interest and self-aggrandizing schemes to get wealthy.
The current POTUS is worse as he doesn’t stand for anything so he will fall for
anything, like the Iranian deal. This is Mr. Obama’s second major “legislative
accomplishment” (the ACA was the first) that garnered not a single Republican
vote. No more. It is very critical that the American people send Hillary a
clear message. The rules DO apply to you and we have had enough of your
thinking that they don’t. So take your husband and get out of DC.

         Tom and Gisele, Bill and Hillary, Ron and Lynda. Everyone go
home and sit in a dark room, preferably in the corner, for an extended time out
until you fully grasp the concept of personal responsibility. The Donald gets
it. He owns the silly things he says and it is his honest ownership that has
made him attractive to some voters—lots of them. Ditto Ben Carson. He also says
silly things, but owns them. Jeb Bush says much less silly things, but no one
is really sure if he believes what he says he does about immigration, common
core or anything else. Ditto the rest of the GOP field save for Carly, who says
what she thinks, makes sense and lets the chips fall where they may. Huckabee believes, but he keeps us worried about lightning striking us dead if we think the Supreme Court is the final arbiter of the US legal system. (Hint: It is). Kasich is
coming along the rail and may show them all how it’s done. We shall see.

we have Joe Biden who cannot keep his hands off other people’s wives and really
isn’t all that bright despite all the years in government. Maybe because of the
years in government. I feel for him as a person because he has had to face some
huge losses in his life, but expressing all of this in public on Colbert does
not qualify him to be Commander-in-Chief any more than it qualifies him to call
plays for the Patriots. The again, maybe it might. At least Joe doesn’t cheat.

get my drift. Those vying for America’s top honors embody the problem. Either
their ideas are nuts or their substance is, well, not substantive.

too bad we couldn’t all weigh in on Brady, but he will get to play and prove that
the rich and beautiful are not like you and me. In politics, we have a chance
to throw the rich and the not even close to beautiful out. Let’s.

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