E-Mails and Arrogance: The Undoing of Hillary Clinton

E-Mails and Arrogance: The
Undoing of Hillary Clinton


Leonard Zwelling

         I am more convinced than ever that Mrs. Clinton will not be
the nominee of the Democratic Party for President in 2016.

         First, it is beyond conception that anyone foolish enough to
keep emails on her own server (putatively located in a bathroom in a Denver
condo) when working in one of the most sensitive jobs in the American
government qualifies as having sufficient street smarts to be the President.
She simply has too little mindfulness and too much chutzpah for the job.

         Second, that she cannot own up to her mistake, and it was a
mistake even if there are no sensitive documents on the server, is even more
worrisome. When are these arrogant people named Clinton going to learn that
they really are playing by the same set of rules as the rest of us? Easy. When
we make one of them pay for their indiscretion with the loss of something they
really want. Mrs. Clinton really wants to be the first woman to be President of
the US. She must be denied this despite her many strengths BECAUSE she cannot
envision herself as being capable of error and thus will likely be reckless in
her behavior as President.

         Third, I have had about enough of these arrogant Ivy
Leaguers who think the world owes them something and the rules do not apply to
them. It does not and they do.

         Fourth, General David Petreus, former Director of the CIA,
was forced to plead guilty to a misdemeanor (the charge should have been much
more severe but he was cut some slack given his military service), after doing
a lot less damaging document leaking than Mrs. Clinton is likely to have
facilitated by her carelessness.

the fact that it is likely that Mrs. Clinton and I agree on many aspects of
national and international politics and surely her choices for the Supreme
Court are far more likely than those of any Republican to please me, I cannot
vote for this woman. I think it is time for all Bushes and Clintons to leave
the political scene for a while and give the country a rest. There must be some
other family capable of supplying us with leadership of both moral and political
mettle so that these dynasties that have so damaged us as a country can be
suspended for a while.

         The time has come for some adult somewhere in the Democratic
Party to whisper into Mrs. Clinton’s ear that she either needs to apologize BIG
TIME for her many errors if she must stay in the race for the White House, or,
better yet, get out. Mr. Jeb Bush is doing fine neutralizing his appeal by
being as dull as dish water and incapable of standing up to Donald Trump let
alone Vladimir Putin.

         Now that the children have all had their say as we went
around the debate room and took turns having tantrums and the Dems have
determined that they cannot even mount a challenge to Hillary without trotting
out a socialist, perhaps we can get back to some serious politics. We should
allow men and women of sound mind and good ideas to actually debate policy and
allow the American people to have a choice in 2016 between two high quality,
well-intentioned philosophies of government embodied in two serious people. One
nominee would be a more activist communitarian, larger government Democrat. The
other could be an individualistic smaller government Republican. How about one
of the Castro brothers vs. John Kasich? Or how about both of the Castro
brothers vs. Kasich and Christie (I know you cannot have both nominees from one
party from the same state even if the state is Texas, but this is all
speculative, right)?

         We should be able to do much better than the current
menagerie and I believe once the clown car on the right empties and the
coronation on the left ends, we will get there.

         At least I hope so.

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