Sweet Cup: The Best Ice Cream in Houston

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Sweet Cup: The Best Ice
Cream in Houston


Leonard Zwelling

         Sometimes I feel like a Mr. Richard Feder of Ft. Lee, New
Jersey. As you may remember Mr. Feder would regularly write in to Saturday
Night Live’s Roseanne Rosannadanna (Gilda Radner) with all sorts of complaints
and ask her advice. First, Gilda would say how the long-suffering Mr. Feder
“belonged in New Jersey” and then proceed to give him advice about a
completely different subject than the one on which he sought her guidance.

         Here’s a pretty good example:


         Obviously Mr. Feder liked to complain and many of you have
written or called accusing me of having the same affliction as Mr. Feder. Fair
enough. I am never happy about anything.

         Except when I am at Sweet Cup.


         I discovered the small “Artisan Gelato and Espresso” shop
about 3 years ago while looking for a cup of coffee after working out at a
small gym on Brainard and Montrose. Sweet Cup is at 3939 Montrose just north of
Brainard in a strip shopping center anchored by Canopy Restaurant. The store is
in Suite L, but you can’t miss it. Follow the crowd on Saturday night.

         The head chef, owner and gelato-maker extraordinaire is
Jasmine Chida, a young woman who, despite all the negative advice she got from
the small business community about opening a gelato shop, opened the store in
2012 and saw success fairly quickly. Why? Simple. She makes a great product. It
is the only gelato, sorbet and custard in the city made from scratch. There are
no artificial flavors or ingredients. Jasmine went all the way to North
Carolina to learn her craft from the master gelato makers of Italy and she has
brought it all back for us in Houston to enjoy. And you should. 

         There is rarely a Saturday evening when the BW and I do not
go to Sweet Cup for the chocolate sorbet, the best I have ever had. Jasmine is
always rotating flavors but she keeps a vat of chocolate sorbet for me on
Saturday as I am a regular and just love the stuff. The flavors in the display
case can be sampled in person, of course, and perused on the Internet at the
url above at any time. The coffee is great as well.

         The key to all of it is Jasmine and her husband (the
business muscle) who sunk their own savings into the store and she, her family
and all of Houston are reaping the benefit of her skill and taste. If you
really want to give yourself a treat, head over to Montrose and have some
gelato or sorbet. Say hello to Jasmine, who is often there despite having a
staff now (she didn’t when I first met her). She also caters parties (who doesn’t
like gelato and sorbet?) and does it all herself as she recently did for a
retirement celebration in the Mod Building.

         So the next time you are fixin’ to get some ice cream and
are still bemoaning the fall of Blue Bell, check out Sweet Cup. That will cure
you of the Texas creamery teeth gnashing syndrome that seems to be a statewide disease caused by Listeria. Go for the good stuff. I recommend this to you
without reservation and remember, I hate everything.

         But not Sweet Cup! That, I love!

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