Hillary, Enough. Be Gone!

Hillary, Enough. Be Gone!


Leonard Zwelling

         Personally, I have had enough of crooked Presidents of
stuff—corporations, academic institutions, governments. If it is possible to
head off another disastrous, ethically compromised Presidency before it gets
launched, I am there. And I think we have the opportunity.

         While I have been an admirer of Mrs. Clinton for many years
and was fairly sure she had mended her ways of arrogance and acting like the
rules do not apply to her, the latest revelations about her behavior and that
of her husband surrounding the large sums of money that flowed to the Clinton
Foundation and to Bill personally from foreign governments during Mrs.
Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State, the funny deal for American uranium
mining going to the Russians, and the non-disclosure by Mrs. Clinton of foreign
donations  to the Clinton Foundation
despite her promises to the President in this regard is enough for me. She has
learned nothing!

         You will have to excuse me for being so sensitive on the
issue but I have been through two MD Anderson Presidents who seem to be incapable
of learning basic ethics, especially with regard to their own money, so if
there is any way to prevent another no-goodnik from ascending to high office, I
am for it.

will not vote for Mrs. Clinton under any circumstances even if it means sitting
2016 out and I have never not voted for President since 1972. I simply cannot
sanction another obviously insensitive, corrupt and arrogant person in a
position of such fiduciary responsibility and unbridled power any longer if I
can do something to prevent it. Not voting for her is all I can do and if the
GOP puts up another knucklehead, as it is likely to do, then I will just sit on
my hands this time.

am not angry because of anything other than her inability to accept
responsibility for misdeeds. I am disappointed that someone who has been in
public life for over 30 years has chosen not to articulate why she wants to be
President although she says she does. I have no idea what her policies are, but
it is a long campaign. This is not about policy.

process, politics and personalities are the 4 P’s of Washington. Mrs. Clinton
may well do fine in 1 through 3, but she fails dreadfully in 4 and 4 is the
most important of all. It’s not that I don’t think she would know what to do if
the phone rang at 3 AM. It’s that I don’t think she would do the right thing if
the phone rang at 3 AM and someone offered her money to do something wrong.

Clinton has lost all credibility as a viable candidate for the highest office
in the land. Her political bag of sleight of hand is out of tricks now. We all
know that she will divert attention from her misdeeds, threaten those who would
accuse her of them and worst of all line her pockets via her husband’s ever
rising speaking fees (I assume they file a joint tax return). Sound familiar to
you MD Andersonites out there? It should.

is enough. You don’t have to vote ‘em out if you don’t vote ‘em in!

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