Cheating Cheaters: Tom, Billary and Ron

Cheaters: Tom, Billary and Ron



You should hear
what they say about you

(cheat, cheat)

They say, they
say you never, never ever been true

(cheat, cheat)

Wo ho, it
doesn’t matter what they say

I know I’m gonna
love you any old way

What can I do,
then it’s true

Don’t want
nobody, nobody

Cause baby it’s

Baby it’s you

Bachrach/Hal David/Paul Williams

cannot get this song out of my mind since the deflated balls story blew up

       In a
report that totals over 200 pages and names two equipment people as the principals
in DeflationGate, is evidence that it is more likely than not that quarterback
Tom Brady, golden boy extraordinaire of the New England Patriots, knew the
balls were underinflated. Given this under inflation was noticed by the
defensive unit of the opposition Colts team after having intercepted a ball
Brady threw, this is easy to believe. Surely a professional quarterback of
Brady’s stature and abilities would have noticed even an ounce or two of
depressurization in the balls if a defensive player could.


       I will
bet that Brady will suffer little consequences and his team won’t either. (I
love the widely proposed punishment for Brady of having to play a year for the
Jets.) The Patriots ought to forfeit the Super Bowl trophy and just let no one
get it for the game last February. (Son Andrew thinks they should play it again
with Indianapolis playing Seattle this time in August.  This gives the teams 2 months to get into
shape and will be called Super Bowl XLIX B or Super Bowl XLIX II.0. This is a
good idea given that one team lost [Seattle] and one team cheated to get there in February [New England].  Everyone gives back the
rings, the money and apologizes to the fans and the networks, bookies and the
advertisers. They promoted a sham).

       We have
also learned this week that Bill Clinton took tons of money for speeches to
foreign audiences while his wife was Secretary of State. Why would the
governments pay him $500,000 for one hour of work? He says he needed these fees
“to pay the bills.” I think he took the money because he could and the reason
he could is that the foreign governments were also contributing to the Clinton
Foundation in the hope of influencing discussions with other foreign
governments all of which had to deal with Mrs. Clinton as Secretary of State.
The Clintons may have been broke when they left the White House in 2001, but
they were no longer destitute in 2009 when Mrs. Clinton assumed her Cabinet

       Of course, we really cannot know what she
told whom because all of her email accounts were destroyed from her server, the
one she should not have been using while she was Secretary of State. Cheater!

       Then there’s Ron and Lynda and their mass
of stock holdings and private deals all of which should have been placed in
blind trust BEFORE they came to MD Anderson. They should not have been given a
waiver by Dr. Shine. That’s a load of doodoo and he knows it because he cheated
too by being on the Board of Directors of United Health while several patients insured by United were being treated in hospitals over which he had influence. (Did they get better treatment? Does anyone know?)

       And (url above) in the latest chapter of
the book, “I Can’t Make This Stuff Up,” MD Anderson’s former chief of Pediatric
Cellular Therapy, Laurence Cooper, already under scrutiny after two large
biotech companies did an all stock deal with MD Anderson for the technology he
developed in order to do the trials of the new technology at Anderson, was
named the CEO of one of the two companies, Ziopharm. This would be a clear
violation of Anderson’s conflict of interest rules as well as common sense in
human subjects research because the value of the holdings can be altered by the
results of the trial when both the holdings and the trial were under the
auspices of the same people (DePinho, Cooper, et al.) Cooper is still involved
on the MD Anderson side because he has been named a visiting scientist there. How
can Anderson or its faculty serve as unbiased independent arbiters of the
value of the new technology when a positive trial would greatly enrich them and
the institution? Do you think they would report a death of a child on the
trial? Is this not Jesse Gelsinger, Revisited?

       The idea that Cooper would be a visiting
scientist at Anderson while the CEO of a private company doing the drug trials
at Anderson virtually makes Anderson an arm of Ziopharm and belies all
credibility of controls on conflict of interest. This is not only cheating the
rest of the Anderson faculty. It’s cheating the FDA and all of those who might
benefit from the therapy because they can never be certain of the value of the
therapy if the data that prove that value are both obtained and evaluated by
people who will benefit if the data are good. This is the essence of conflict
of interest and in no way can be “managed.” Furthermore, I know the people at
Anderson know this.

       These cheaters are all just wrong.

       Both the Shirelles and the Beatles made
it clear. They loved a cheater anyway, but we don’t have to.

       Tom Brady and the New England Patriots
should be made to forego the honor of being the last Super Bowl Champions and
an asterisk should appear in the NFL records for Super Bowl XLIX. Playing Super
Bowl XLIX II.0 is a coin flip for me.

       Likewise, Bill should be asked to step
down from the Clinton Foundation if any of his immediate family is running for or
holding office. Hillary ought to quit the race. Her ethics are bordering on
non-existent if money or power are involved.

       Ron I have said enough about already and
Lynda’s gone (ah—justice)!

       And if anyone needs an additional reason
to get rid of Dr. DePinho, this latest malarkey with Ziopharm should do it.

       Tom, Bill, Hillary, Ron and Lynda are all
cheating cheaters. Don’t take my word for it. Take theirs. It’s in the
newspaper so it must be right. They all have rationalizations for their
actions, but it’s basically moral relativism and the groupthink of “everyone is
doing it,” especially the rich people and they are us now in academia.

       Forget about the unintended
consequences.  How about the unexpected
ones? Throw the book at them—preferably, a Bible.

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