Will Evil Be Vanquished?

Will Evil Be Vanquished?


Leonard Zwelling

         Now that Mrs. DePinho has been summarily run out of town on
a rail, how do we clean it all up?

we have done to date is take a paper towel to the dirty table. We need to clean
the table cloth, antiseptically scrub down the kitchen where the DePinho’s
cooked their nefarious schemes, sweep out the garage, and most importantly
bleach the toilets for the stink of the DePinho years still wafts down the
halls of MD Anderson in the guise of those Dr. Ron appointed. Furthermore, the
academic mortuary is still filled with the professional bodies of those he
fired or replaced with a crew so lack luster that unlike the patrons of Cheers,
NOBODY knows their names.

         So here are a few suggestions to reach a point where the EPA
can remove MD Anderson from the list that includes the Love Canal making it a toxin-free
zone, one rid of the smell that has pervaded 1515 Holcombe for the past few

1. Ron’s gotta go. I don’t care where, but out of Texas
is preferred.

2. The next level of executive bureaucracy and their
minions of support staff also need to go. No, I don’t care where. If they must
continue to be employed at Anderson because they have years left on their term
tenure appointments (term tenure can be a bitch), how about they see a few patients
or do an experiment or two?

3. Replace all those Division Heads appointed by Dr. DePinho
with ad interim Heads and start the
search engine up. No matter how credible these DePinho-appointed people may be,
they bear the scar of the Ron. It’s kind of like the ones in Inglorious Basterds—hard to erase.

4. Ditto the basic science chairs he appointed, yes, even
those who may win Nobel Prizes.

5. Ditto, ditto the administration and finance leadership,
none of whom is likely to win the Nobel in Economics.

only real solution to filth is a purge and this has been a time of
administrative filth, pettiness and meanness. Surely, MD Anderson can do better
than this.

am sorry if this offends anyone but these people are downright evil. They treat
others like chattel. They enjoy inflicting emotional pain. Their arrogance is
only superseded by their ignorance.

really are “more morons than crooks, but the crooks are higher up” (from
Michael Lewis’ The Big Short).

spring. Time for spring cleaning.

Washington, when the Republicans take over from the Democrats in the White
House, every Democrat in a position of prominence is looking for work. Most don’t
find any in the new government. This also occurs when the Dems come in. It
needs to happen at 1515.

this time we need to celebrate the eradication of evil and the faculty must participate
fully in the search for good in the new President. Good is not perfect. Good is
good and there are many good people who will apply if we make it clear this
time that it really is an open search and that we are looking for the best
person we can find—no matter what his or HER gender, color or sexual

please, no more East Coast, Harvard people who are coming to save us from
ourselves. This is Texas. The last thing we need is more Yankee arrogance.

didn’t help at the Alamo and they won’t help here.

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