The First Half Million Is the Hardest

The First Half Million Is
the Hardest


Leonard Zwelling

       You know this isn’t about the salaries of the MD Anderson
executives.  The number is too small!

       The blog has just passed 500,000 page views. This is truly
remarkable—at least to me and probably to my high school English teachers.

       Thank you one and all for reading and for those of you who
have continued to do so, extra special high fives.

       My book is now ready as well and can be found at most of the
normal outlets on-line, not in stores yet. Yes, it can be downloaded to e-readers as well. (Red
Kool Aid Blue Kool Aid: How Partisan Politics and Greed Undermined the Value of

       I am hard at work on the second book which is a compilation of
some of the blogs with editing and commentary. It will focus on the Israel
trip, the trial of Dr. Ana Maria Gonzalez-Angulo, current events, politics,
health care reform and, of course, my favorite subject, the mess being made at
1515 Holcombe.

       A friend suggested I call the new book: “I Couldn’t Make This Stuff Up.” 
That might work, but its working title is Swimming in the Negev, Drowning on Holcombe.

       I am almost finished the first draft, much to the chagrin of
my co-author Marianne Ehrlich who now gets to separate the wheat from the
chaff—if she can!

       May be ready by Christmas, 2015?

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