EXTRA: Where Was Obama?

Where Was Obama?


Leonard Zwelling

         The days following November 22, 1963 are both a blur and a
slide show of images.

         The abandoned limousine with the bloody roses.

         The makeshift inauguration of LBJ by Sara Hughes on Air
Force One with the now former First Lady looking on.

         The veiled Jackie Kennedy kneeling beside her husband’s

         Their son saluting the caisson as it rolled by on the way to
Arlington, a lone, riderless black horse in front.

         The final glimpse of the WWII heroes like Charles De Gaulle
who thought enough of our young king to come to the funeral along with Haile

         The lighting of the eternal flame at twilight by our fallen
leader’s brothers.

         I remember it all as if it were yesterday.

         On Sunday the French took their turn at expressing national
grief at the killings of the less famous the week before and the leaders from
Great Britain to Israel turned out at the rally in Paris.

was Obama, or Biden or Kerry?

         This is an inexcusable insult to our allies at the time we
need them the most.

         To quote Hillary Clinton: ‘Shame on you Mr. Obama.”

         To quote me: “Shame on you Bill and Hillary Clinton.”

         Woody Allen (probably really Marshall Brickmn) is still
right: “80% of life is showing up.”

         Another flame out for our President.

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