Anti-Anti-Semitism Is the New Black in Europe

Anti-Anti-Semitism Is the
New Black in Europe


Leonard Zwelling

         This piece by Somini Sengupta in the NY Times on January 23
reports on the first meeting at the UN, home of Zionism as racism, on
anti-Semitism. This is reminiscent of the calls to “integrate Harlem, but not
my neighborhood” that accompanied the racism of my childhood in this country,
and in some areas of the US, still does.

         All of a sudden, Europe has realized that the Holocaust was
far from an aberrancy, but rather well-engrained in the psyche of its
population which now includes enough radical Muslims to start shooting people in
their offices without the requisite ride to a concentration camp or ghetto.
Thanks a lot UN!

         These are the same governments that can’t rush to the UN
podium quickly enough to sanction a Palestinian state while forgetting that
most of their governments had their origins in some group pushing out another
from the land their governments currently occupy. It may well have been Attila
the Hun, but someone was always shoving someone else out of the way to create
modern European states. Why they think that somehow by decree they can reverse
history in the special case of what used to be the British Mandate of Palestine
is beyond my comprehension. Fortunately, it is also beyond the comprehension of
the Israelis who really don’t care what the Europeans think, but may well agree
to cater the meeting at the UN from the Carnegie Deli.

         I guess anti-Semitism was OK in Europe as long as the
gunplay was kept to a minimum or Poland. Now that its well-reared, ugly head
has grown a trigger finger in the streets of Paris, the governments of Western
Europe want to discuss the “hate speech” that has pervaded France for years.

         Ron Proser, the Israeli envoy to the UN, said it best when
he warned that ”violent anti-Semitism (is) casting a shadow over Europe.” So
what else is new?

         Mr. Proser went on to say, “we don’t need any more monuments
commemorating the Jews who were murdered in Europe, we need a strong enduring
commitment to safe-guard the Jews living in Europe.” Amen, Mr. Envoy.

         And, that, my friends, is why we Jews need Israel because if
you think we are going to allow the well-being of our fellow Jews to rest in
the hands of those whose grandparents sent us to Auschwitz without us having a place
to run to this time, forget it! Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice, shame
on me!

         It’s all very nice that the well-dressed diplomats of the UN
will consent to giving anti-Semitism a hearing on the East side of Manhattan as
a fashion statement of their tolerance, but how about making sure it doesn’t
run amuck in Europe?

         These same countries are still backing Palestinian
statehood. What does that even look like? Yemen? Great plan! That’s working out
well in that part of Arabia, isn’t it?

         You simply cannot have it both ways. Either you back Israel
and vocally oppose anti-Semitism in all its forms or you sponsor statehood for
a group of self-defined terrorists who keep losing wars and gaining allies.
There already was a Palestinian state. It was called Jordan and Black September
got the Palestinians decanted out of Jordan.

         And, of course, the Europeans are blaming the internet for
all of this mayhem that started in the Dark Ages prior to Twitter, Facebook and
electricity and continues to this day.   

         I have now resolved to avoid all travel to Western Europe
other than to Great Britain and Ireland. (Argentina is now off my “fly-list” as
well, as it appears that its government conspired with the Iranians to cover up
the latter’s involvement with the 1994 bombing of the Jewish Community Center
in Buenos Aires that killed 85).

know where I am not wanted. I have been to the original ghetto in Venice. I
have been to Dachau and sat in the room where the Final Solution was planned. I
have been to track 17 in Berlin where Jews were packed into boxcars and sent to
Poland. I have even had pennies thrown at me in my freshman dorm at Duke by Southerners
who had never seen a Jew before and thought I would have horns.

         If the Western European nations really want to eliminate
anti-Semitism it isn’t by making anti-anti-Semitism as fashionable as Chanel.
It is by recognizing the state of Israel as what it is: the only Jewish,
democracy in the Middle East with borders it fought for just as their
governments fought for their borders including the one eliminated between East
and West Germany thanks to us Americans.

         Personally, I have had enough duplicity for a lifetime
having worked at MD Anderson and on Capitol Hill. How exactly would France have
reacted if Germany started lobbing missiles into Paris and there was not an
Iron Dome around the Eiffel Tower? How about like Israel did in Gaza!

         Give me a break people. Recognize Israel for what it is.
Recognize Palestine for what it is not.

         Now pass the corn beef please before the seminar on the
history of anti-Semitism in Western Europe begins. It goes on for five days.

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