That’s almost the number of posts to the
blog to date (233) and equals the number of thousands of page views (250,044).

      This is a truly astounding development in
my life. Considering that I was at best a solid B- English student, that anyone
should want to read anything I write is a miracle. The only people more
astonished than I would have been my English teachers.

      Then again, you have to admit that with
stupidity rampant as the most powerful force in the universe, it is pretty easy
to synthesize some commentary about the way in which our federal government and
other major institutions are being managed currently. The only hard part is
discerning which is worse: the mess in Washington or all the others. How sad!

      This is just a shout out to all of you who
have read the posts and especially those who have commented or emailed me with
your take on what I have written.  It
should be obvious that I don’t focus on whether or not you agree with me, just that
you read, enjoy and be mildly entertained by the antics of those who you walk
amongst or could if you went to the People’s House on the Hill at the eastern
edge of the National Mall in Washington.

      The one good thing that both Washington
and Houston share is some truly dedicated people in and out of medicine who are
working hard to make both places better for everyone who lives there. In
Washington, it felt a little like a food fight most of the time. In Houston,
the faculty and staff of MD Anderson are still trying to be a family despite all
the odds against them as they try to hold on to some vestige of the history of
greatness that made Anderson so special when I got there and, when you can tear
someone away from seeing way too many patients and/or writing way too many
grants, is still down in the dirt somewhere among the hidden red stone that once represented the Texas sunset of R. Lee Clark that has now been supplanted by the moon glow of glass and steel.

you, thank you, thank you.

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