$85 For Cake-Part 2

Let ‘Em Eat Cake


Len Zwelling

                This is a brief follow-up to the blog about the PRS retirement money. It turns out that the table at the Chaplaincy Dinner is far more costly than I had thought. It is $5000. So if the PRS allowed me to use the $5000 set aside for retirees to buy a table, I could essentially invite 6 people after I seat my family. Not a huge number, but some.

                Unfortunately, there’s a catch. The rule on the per head price is immutable. It cannot exceed $85. Thus instead of having to come up with $350 for my own retirement dinner, I would have to come up with $4150. That’s a little rich for me now that my salary will drop by 50%, so I will just use my own funds to buy the four seats needed for my family and forget the rest. Besides, I am not retiring any way.  After all, did you ever think you would see my name and retiring in the same sentence as in he has a retiring personality? No way!

                So thanks to Wayne Wilson for trying to use the money pledged to frivolity, cake and ice cream to assist the spiritual needs of our patients, but he has to answer to a higher authority than the chaplaincy and that’s the PRS rules, I guess.

                As I said before, $7000 for a couch is OK, but $5000 for a table, not so much.

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