From Blue Collar Scholar in response to my last post:

Thanks.  LZ

The reports in The Cancer Letter and Houston Chronicle are troubling on so many levels. What’s most bothersome to me is witnessing the MDA PR/propaganda machine at work. How many state employees are working full time on damage control for poor decisions made by Drs. Depinho and Chin?  Lots of numbers have been crunched in an attempt to negate the fact that brand new office space was upgraded to satiate Harvard egos. “Show me the money” is the perfect summary. To claim that 2 sofas purchased with state funds at a price exceeding $14,000 is not “lavish” is a losing argument. $14,000 is about 30% of the average annual income for an average Texas family. $14,000 would cover about 30% effort for an experienced public school teacher in HISD. Remember, in 2011 state funds for public elementary education were cut. All state taxpayers should be outraged by these abuses of power and the continued use of funds to remedy the abuses. 

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