This email was sent in Sunday morning and is reprinted anonymously with the permission of the sender. Thank you and all of you who have contacted me and are encouraging me to keep writing. I am surely going to try. As of now the blog has had over 37,000 page views. Now if I only knew what that meant:

Good morning Dr. Zwelling,


I have been following your blog for about a week now, taking the time to catch up on past posts, as they are well worth reading. I just wanted to thank you for your candor and bravery in presenting these much overdue issues regarding our executive leadership.


I’ve been a part of MD Anderson, directly or indirectly, for over 20 years and am sickened by what has been happening. Our leaders seemingly don’t care what the effects of their actions are doing to faculty morale, support staff morale, and most importantly, patient care.


Keep writing. You have the support of many.

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