WSJ Letter:

The following letter is up on the WSJ site in response to an op-ed published last week:

This is a horror story of a pediatric oncologist wrongly convicted of a crime in absentia and then detained when passing through the UAE on his way back to South Africa from a family wedding in Canada.

The only bigger outrage than his continued arrest and detention is the fact that it took 6 months for any major newspaper in the United States to run the story.

And this ain’t over yet for not only is Dr. Karabus still captive, his captors have poured money into various academic medical centers in the United States including MD Anderson.

How happy are you about having a building with the name of a foreign dictator on its side along with the UT MD Anderson logo?

And beware of this story if you are sent to the UAE to deliver patient care.

Think about it.


March 18, 2013

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