I don’t think I could write a more damning piece than this one in today’s NY Times about for-profit hospital chains and the behaviors they incentivize and reward.

No business interests should ever come between a doctor and his or her patients and this business arrangement in the for-profit sector clearly did just that.

Please note how many of the whistleblowers WERE NOT docs when the docs should have been leading the charge against these rapacious corporate monsters who are undoing 5000 years of “above all, do no harm” to make money. If ever there was a time for a “sick out” by the docs, this was it. That White Coat Flu can be effective.

And don;t think that this doesn’t involve you. You KNOW that it does. Whether it continues to, is up to you.

I understand the concept of “no money, no mission”. But money cannot trump the mission of medicine.

I am a big believer in market forces and capitalism. Not for health care. This is what market forces begets:

Leonard Zwelling