October 2020

Don’t Forget Middle America

In a particularly cogent op-ed in The Wall Street Journal on October 19, Jason De Sena Trennart, the chairman of Strategas an investment-strategy, economic and policy research firm, reminds us all why Mr. Trump won the 2016 election and why forgetting why may have consequences this time.

Up To The Women

What the two editorials indicate is that women, particularly white women—those a plurality of whom voted for Trump in 2016—will need to vote for Biden if the former vice president is to win this election. Furthermore, it is also clear that this is a tipping point election in that the country will go one way if Trump is re-elected and another if Biden wins.

Best Covid Op-Ed

This piece by John M. Barry of the Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine in The New York Times on October 20 is hands down the best summary of the coronavirus crisis and our response to it that I have read. Allow me to summarize.

Silly Senate Dance

It does not state anywhere in the Constitution that the Senate has to hold hearings on presidential nominees to the federal judiciary. Rather it is with the Senate’s “advice and consent” that these presidential appointments take effect. It is the Senate that has decided to hold hearings on nominees to the executive and judicial branches and take a vote on confirmation.

I’m Not Sure

When I was young, I was sure about a lot of things. As I grew older, I became less sure about many things. Usually though, as I matured, I would think a problem through, sift through the available evidence, and come to a conclusion. After all, it was how I was taught to be a doctor.


In an election season like this one, any blogger is going to get a lot of feedback. I am no exception. From what I am reading in my email, there are two big concerns influencing readers and they haven’t gotten enough ink. Until last week.

To Review

As far as I can make out, the coronavirus pandemic began in Wuhan, China in December or so of 2019. The precise origins of the virus are still not known (see above article). Was it manufactured or did it jump to humans from bats? Or both? No one is sure.


I consider myself a middle-of-the road voter. I have voted for both Republicans and Democrats in the past and will this Election Day as well. I never vote straight ticket and even if I wanted to vote straight ticket, I would take the time to check each box.

I write this paragraph only to put into context my support for the whole Trump-Amy Coney Barrett Supreme Court dance.