March 2014


Pay Up By Leonard Zwelling       No fans are more engaged in the fate of their college athletic teams than those of us who graduated from Duke University. Every Duke graduate currently above ground lived through several years of basketball frenzy while on campus and the latest grads will even have a great football team …

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Strategery (With apologies to Will Farrell) By Leonard Zwelling        I am now working in the second organization in which a strategic planning effort has been launched. Like most such efforts, it is likely that this one will probably generate less benefit than the gathered board and executives anticipated at the opening meetings to organize …


INTJ: 2% of People, Most of MD Anderson Administration

INTJ (Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judgmental): 2% of the People, Most of the MD Anderson Administration By Leonard Zwelling          My time at MD Anderson was a roller coaster ride. It started by being beaten into academic unconsciousness while presenting my research at a Leukemia Department seminar for Dr. Frieriech shortly after arriving in 1984. It …

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