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Unbridled Greed

Unbridled Greed By Leonard Zwelling http://www.c-span.org/video/?404183-1/hearing-prescription-drug-market          I have labored through many hearings on Capitol Hill.  Most of the time they are of little consequence and even less drama. The Congressmen and Congresswomen make speeches. The “witnesses” are under oath and bob and weave trying to say nothing and hoping the chairman says the member’s ...

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The Many Cancer MoonShots

The Many Cancer MoonShots By Leonard Zwelling          In the January 22, 2016 issue of Science (p. 325), the initial phase of the Biden MoonShot is described. Subsequently the entire issue of how to pay for it gets discussed on February 2: http://www.sciencemag.org/news/2016/02/white-house-wants-1-billion-vice-president-biden-s-cancer-moonshot-where-will-it-come          In the earlier article, care is taken to distinguish the Vice ...

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EXTRA: The Presidential Moon Shot Task Force

EXTRA: The Presidential Moon Shot Task Force By Leonard Zwelling          A thoughtful reader has forwarded to me the announcements from the federal government about the Task Force that President Obama has put together to re-energize the war on cancer. I guess this is the Surge on Cancer.          This announcement came in two parts. ...

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