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“Clean It Up” (A Life-Long Lesson in Leadership and Management) By Leonard Zwelling          I have just come from a two-day retreat with the Chiefs of the Service lines at Legacy Community Health, my new work home. As many of you know, Legacy is the largest federally qualified health clinic in Houston. In a real ...

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What’s The Opposite of a Team of Rivals?: When FORDs Become Job One By Leonard Zwelling          Lincoln is considered by most one of the two greatest leaders to be president and the greatest to have occupied the White House given that Washington didn’t live there. Doris Kearns Goodwin has immortalized the term “a team ...

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A Troubling Conversation By Leonard Zwelling          Recently I had a troubling conversation with an established and wise faculty member of long standing (that means he was over 50). This faculty member was telling me about two major struggles for clinical investigators at MD Anderson.          The first was E-Research which he described as an ...

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http://blogs.hbr.org/2014/01/is-your-boss-a-psychopath/ This was sent to me by a blog reader. Enjoy!  LZ

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Hypocrisy at the Top By Leonard Zwelling          My favorite moment of my year on Capitol Hill is described in detail in the book I am writing about the experience. Here it is. “Because We Are Leaders” One of the greatest moments during my year on Capitol Hill was the late evening discussion of the ...

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CONFLICT OF INTEREST FOR ALL (Just added must read)

Conflict of Interest: It’s Not Just For Doctors Any More (plus a newly added link to a “must-read”) By Leonard Zwelling http://www.nytimes.com/2013/12/28/business/academics-who-defend-wall-st-reap-reward.html?_r=0          And you thought it was just academic medicine that embraced being “truth tellers for hire”. Not a chance. Did you really think our colleagues in business schools would allow us to have ...

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Fontaine Blue By Leonard Zwelling          For most of you without Bubbies (grandmothers) living on Miami Beach now or in the past, the Fountainebleau is not a familiar name. It was and is a hotel. It is the center of luxury on Collins Avenue and was the height of extravagance when I was young and ...

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